How to Choose the Necessary Airsoft Sports Equipment

Airsoft Sports equipment: what equipments are needed to play Airsoft with your friends?

Airsoft is a sport whose practice requires a very specific material, but because of the multitude of accessories available on the market, the choice of equipment is not always obvious. Here is how to choose the necessary equipment to organize an airsoft game with friends.

The airsoft outfit: thick clothes preferably

Here too, you have to consider your role and the scenario to find the outfit that suits you. The time during which the scenario takes place is essential for successful clothing, and also to bring more realism to your game of airsoft. Clothing not only protects you from enemy fire, cold weather but can also be decisive in allowing your team to win the game.

Either way, be sure to choose an outfit that you are comfortable in and that protects you effectively. You will need to be quick and nimble. An uncomfortable outfit will therefore not benefit you.

Essential equipment for player safety

Airsoft is not a dangerous game. But the degree of violence can be relatively high depending on the scenario put in place, and above all, depending on the quality of the material. Therefore, it is imperative to visit a shop for airsoft equipment sales to purchase protective equipment to avoid unpleasant surprises. If you still have doubts, watch the video below!

1. Protective glasses

During an airsoft game, the face is the most exposed part of the body. Indeed, the balls fired by your opponents can potentially reach your eyes or other sensitive parts and do damage. To guard against, there is only one way: the good quality goggles.

2. The protective mask

The protective mask protects your teeth against enemy fire. Often made with neoprene, it prevents you from receiving shards of beads down the face, or in the eyes.

3. Helmet

During a game of airsoft, it is not uncommon to make falls which expose the head to shocks. You are called upon during the game to run, jump, and take cover… in an often natural setting. In order to cushion the impact of a potential fall and also to protect against ball fire, it is recommended to wear a helmet. In addition, the helmet allows you to perfect your dress style for the occasion.

Recommended equipment to avoid injury

Airsoft is a game that requires actions that can potentially cause superficial injuries. When purchasing equipment, it is a good idea to think about protecting your body from these eventualities. These tools are, among others, gloves, shoes, knee and elbow pads, the tactical vest. In addition to the look, the tactical vest is a practical piece of equipment that allows you to move easily with your equipment. It saves you time, as you will no longer need to make stops to pick up magazines, ammo or water in your bag. It should also be noted that your chest and back will be safe from enemy fire if you are wearing a tactical vest.

1. Knee and elbow pads

They protect your knees and elbows respectively. These joints are very stressed during a game of airsoft. You will need to crawl, kneel, and do movements that involve the elbows and knees. This is why it is necessary to protect them from possible shocks by choosing good quality protective elements. The importance of shoes is not to be demonstrated. In addition to offering good support to your ankle, they will be effective in protecting you against thorns and sharp objects that may get in your way. They also prevent you from slipping.

2. Gloves

They will provide protection for your hands. They protect them from the impact of logs, the cold, and injuries that a slip can cause. Once all the safety gear is in place, you can focus on the gear that will allow you to play a good game of airsoft.

Airsoft guns: realistic replicas for more fun

Depending on the scenario and the roles of each player, the material will vary to enhance the game. The quality of the replica weapons has an impact on the course of your airsoft game. For that, it is recommended to acquire high-performance models, and you must for example take into account your role in the game (leader, sniper or machine-gunner…) when choosing the replica.

1. The spring replica

Simple to use, the spring-loaded replica is ideal for people who are new to airsoft practice. You will only have to pull on the rear part of the replica and pull the trigger to fire. But faced with an opponent equipped with a replica that allows him to shoot in a burst, your chances of winning the game are reduced.

2. The gas or CO2 replica

This replica model is available in several versions: Gas BlowBack, Gas Non-BlowBack. It works with a CO2 or gas cartridge. The choice of this model gives you strong feelings because its weight and appearance are very realistic. The gas or CO2 replica can be semi-automatic or automatic. It is therefore very effective in putting “out” your opponents.

3. The electric replica

Still called AEG replicas, electric replicas are popular with the majority of people who practice airsoft. Easy to use, very close to reality, efficient, and able to withstand the cold, these models are equipped with an electric battery. With an AEG replica, you can choose semi-automatic or automatic mode.

Equipment for team communication

Airsoft is a war simulation game. The latter requires the establishment of an effective strategy to defeat the enemy. For a strategy to be effective and successful, the coordination of actions to be carried out is essential. This is where communication takes on its importance. It is at the heart of all winning strategies. During an airsoft game, you must therefore provide modern tools to communicate with your teammates: walkie-talkie, radio, mobile phone set to vibrate …

To conclude, let’s remember that airsoft is a very fun game. But to take full advantage of it, certain qualitative equipment must be provided: security equipment, replica weapons, communications devices.

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