How to Create Funny Memes About Issues That Matter

How to Create Funny Memes About Issues That Matter

Memes are at the center of shareable and viral content on social media platforms. It may be a simple picture with some text, a video, or a GIF with a witty tagline that instills the spirit of online satire. But what makes memes even more attractive is their ease of creation by leveraging a meme generator.

Individually created memes have continued to gain popularity, with examples such as the achievement kid or the excessively attached girlfriend and so on.

Moreover, memes have also emerged as a powerful promotional medium for established businesses who are looking to up the ante and try something unconventional for their marketing approach.

Owing to their satirical nature, memes have emerged as a powerful tool for marketers who want to bring important global issues to light and divert user attention towards them.

Historically, memes have been associated with humorous content that may (or may not) be useful.

But today, memes are also being leveraged to bring critical issues such as global warming, droughts, BLM, and other problems that immediate attention.

In this post, I will discuss everything that you should keep in mind while creating funny memes about important issues that you care about.

Tips to Create Funny Memes for Important Issues

Memes deliver the intended messages in a clear, concise, and succinct manner.

Because of their ease of creation and the potential to reach a large audience in minutes, memes can also be used as propaganda weapons, easily instilling and cementing ideologies that rapidly become common among people.

This is a powerful tool if you want to spread awareness about the issues that you care about. Moving forward, I will lay out a 5 pronged approach that you must adhere to when creating memes for critical issues.

Analyze Existing Memes

Memes seem to be very easy to create, but they are not. You must thoroughly comprehend the specific memes, the forms in which they exist, and the purpose of the memes.

There is a lot of very unique “meme-lingo,” which needs to be tailored as per your intended message. This is why it is important that you are a fluent meme-creator, or recruit someone who is.

Your viewer may be completely aware of the issue that you portray in the meme and portraying incorrect information might not produce the desired results.

You would then come off as someone who is overly pretending to be chic, which is never a good thing.

Use Relevant Images

An unfortunate aspect of internet memes is that they finally die and are replaced with new, fresh memes. Each meme has a lifetime, which you must value as a meme marketer.

Let’s face it: the days of Bad Luck Brian and the Overly Attached Girlfriend are long gone. Sure, you may be able to create amusing memes for your brand based on these models, but they’re gone.

Resist the need to give in. Even if your followers consider these memes amusing, using them now will make you seem terribly out-of-touch.

Some memes are only popular for a few days before being replaced by a new template. This is why getting a dedicated meme-creator is important since even a day’s pause will mean the difference between appearing new and out-of-touch.

Therefore, when creating a meme that highlights a critical issue, having a relevant image to go with it is equally important as the intended message.

Participate in Meme Challenges

Every now and again, you’ll come across social media contests that require participants to create memes and compete among themselves.

These memes travel like wildfire, and if you leverage this technique to bring critical issues to light, you can attract a lot of attention.

The Ten Year Challenge has recently become famous. It was basically photos of people showing off their transition from how they looked ten years earlier to how they look now.

These challenges give meme marketers a high level of exposure and recognition. Try creating memes for the issues you care about and watch the virality unfold!

Repurpose User-Generated Memes with the Same Theme

Try to come up with your own tag or extension to other people’s jokes as you share their memes on your feed.

Your viewers would understand that you made an attempt to add another dimension to the original joke. It is, however, entirely acceptable to repost memes as-is and thank the author for their work.

You can also conduct meme-making competitions if that’s possible. Select a meme-worthy image, post it, and then challenge your followers to create memes based on it.

If appropriate, incorporate your intended message into the picture in some way, but be mindful that doing so could result in some people making jokes about the issue.

You could later repost your favorites on your page. This is an excellent way to increase viewer interaction and highlighting critical issues for a massive audience.

Create Impactful Memes

There are some things to consider when creating your own memes. Aside from the source material, you’ll need to settle on a structure and find some relatable, humorous content for it.

Whether you will use an image, a video, or a GIF? What kind of font are you going to use? This would most likely need a little more time, resources, and imagination than using pre-existing models, but it will be well worth it.

The pet industry has some excellent illustrations of this. Almost everybody enjoys animal memes, and if you leverage this field, you can capitalize on this and make a lot of exclusive content.

This high-performing content can then be repurposed according to your requirements and craftily portray the issues that need to be addressed.

Conclusion – How to Create Funny Memes

For the better or for worse, there is no doubt that memes have changed the way we communicate.

So, as we move deeper into the modern era, memes will definitely have a tremendous impact on more conventional modes of communication.

The power of a meme to be quickly shared by millions of people will only serve to spread a certain form of thought within our society.

And, while many people believe they have anonymity on the internet, it has been shown many times that online behavior can have a direct effect on a person’s life.

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