How to Improve Your Productivity Tips

How to Improve Your Productivity Tips

Is your team completing tasks on time? Or is it lagging on some projects? There’s no denying the fact that having a team that works efficiently translates to growth for your business. Since the pandemic, most teams have worked remotely. Even now in 2022, more and more companies have opted for virtual assistant services instead of in-house employees. These changes mean that it’s essential to prioritize creating a productivity strategy that works well with your team.

Ways to Improve Business and Your Productivity

A productivity plan three years ago may not be as relevant in 2022. So, here are some ideas on how you can increase your team’s productivity.

Use Productivity Tools

Technology can be a good tool when used well. Maximize the availability of apps that support productivity. Examples of these are the following:

  • Todoist
  • Forest
  • Be Focused
  • Toggle
  • Habitica
  • Evernote

When introducing any of these apps to your team, you can encourage more proactivity if the usage of these apps is not mandatory. Just a tip: let them see the value of each tool by trying the tools yourself first. Then you can share your insights on each tool. This way, they will consider the apps with more openness.

Stay Organized

When your files and team workflow are disorganized, this translates to missed deadlines, miscommunication, demotivation, and sometimes even reduced quality of work. You don’t want that to happen in your team. So, staying on top of the organization of your team is paramount to ensuring productivity.

You can start by organizing the folders and subfolders of your team’s files. Make sure there’s a logical flow to organizing these folders and create a directory when you’re done. Then, share this directory with your team members. Another way to do this is by using project management tools such as ClickUp and Asana.

Organize per project and you can add tags and sync it to their digital calendars so they can be reminded before a task is due. You can also make communication easier by using Slack and organizing projects by creating separate channels. Modern communication tools make it easier to search past conversations with their search option.

Have Regular Check-ins

Huddle with your team regularly to discuss their tasks, goals, and any concerns about their current workload. Depending on your team’s preference, you can do this daily or twice a week. Regular check-ins are critical for your business productivity as it encourages accountability.

Offer Wellness Programs

According to a Gartner survey, employers that support employees’ life experiences, and mental, and physical health see a 21% increase in the number of high performers compared to organizations that don’t provide the same degree of support to their employees.

The emphasis on mental health in workplaces is perhaps one of the good things that came out of the pandemic and this trend will continue until 2022. Employers who want to increase the productivity of their team must implement wellness programs that encourage work-life balance and support mental and physical health.

Delegate to Virtual Assistants

As a team leader or business owner, you must be able to discern when the amount of workload is no longer proportionate to what you and your team can handle. One of the key solutions in modern business management is virtual assistant services.

Hiring virtual assistant services means better productivity. According to a 2021 study by Global Workspace Analytics, a global card services provider, American Express’ remote employees are 43% more productive than their office counterparts.

Apart from improved productivity, several businesses opt to hire virtual assistant services because it reduces their business costs. For instance, a study shows that businesses can save up to 78% operating cost value on hiring virtual assistants compared to an in-house employee.

Why Virtual Assistant Companies?

When you hire VAs, you can start by searching job boards. You will be presented with numerous options but take note that the vetting stage may take up so much time. Opting for virtual assistant companies can help save you time, effort, and costs. Virtual assistant companies will handle the recruitment, training, and onboarding.

Virtudesk, for example, conducts a thorough background check and hiring process. Not only that, but Virtudesk also addresses productivity concerns by having account managers who monitor their VAs’ productivity so that their clients can focus on other matters.

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