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How to Print an SMS Conversation | Best SMS Printing Solutions

How to Print an SMS Conversation? Best SMS Printing Solutions 

When you don’t know how to go about it, printing an SMS conversation can be problematic. Do not panic. This article presents the best SMS printing solutions. The desire to print an SMS conversation is easily understood since it is to preserve, for oneself or for others, the proof and the physical memory of a discussion. Indeed, notwithstanding the place, the weather, or the weather, it is possible to have, with SMS, conversations around subjects as crucial as they are derisory.

Whether it’s a text message or a conversation on an instant messaging application, printing an SMS can be useful, out of desire or necessity. This article aims to help you discover the different reasons that can motivate the desire to print an SMS conversation and to give you the means to achieve it!

Why make the impression of an SMS conversation?

In a conversation, ideas, thoughts, information, and feelings are exchanged. The intention to keep records of such an interaction can be caused by both personal and professional reasons.

Personal reasons

The desire to print SMS conversations may stem from their emotional importance. Indeed, they can see the birth of a story of love, friendship, or fraternity.

Whether it is a declaration of love, exchanges of texts, or even a good part of laughter, certain exchanges of SMS are good memories that one wants to keep. Keeping traces of such moments is an excellent testimony to their importance, but also a very imaginative way to remind your loved ones of the place they occupy in your heart, especially on the occasion of birthdays.

Professional reasons

Printing SMS can be useful for immortalizing or proving the conclusion of a deal in the context of SMS prospecting. It can also be vital to prove good faith or to demand respect for duty in a dispute.

Indeed, you will undoubtedly not hesitate to produce the material trace of an exchange by SMS which can establish the truth during a procedure of divorce or claim of debt for example.

The means that can be used to print an SMS conversation

In accomplishing this goal of printing an SMS conversation, your weapons are the tools at your disposal. These may be tools available on your smartphone or tools that you can or will need to acquire through external sources.

Use the screenshot technique to print an SMS

The first method that can be used to print an SMS conversation is to use a tool available on each smartphone. In this case, it is the “screenshot” function. The printing of SMS by the screenshot consists of saving in your gallery one or more images of the SMS conversation that interests you and then print them via a printer.

Smartphones generally work under two systems, this approach will depend on whether you are on Android or iOS. However, the procedure for printing an SMS conversation generally looks like this:

Identify the SMS conversation you want to print. Take one or more screenshots, depending on the length of the discussion, by pressing the icon intended for this purpose on your home screen or by synchronously manipulating the volume, on / off, or even Home keys depending on your smartphone model.

Then go to your gallery where you can see the availability of the captured images. Once the images are at your disposal, you have two options. You can print them either directly if your smartphone is connected to a printer, or transfer them either to your computer, by email, or by direct transfer via cable and print them using a printer.

Although it has the merit of being simple and easy to use, the screen capture SMS conversation printing method lacks a certain formalism that could make the outcome of certain situations, particularly legal ones, decisive.

Print your SMS conversation using an external tool

Thus, to have an aesthetic result, clear and well detailed, the best solution to print an SMS conversation is to have recourse to external help. In this case, it is usually an application or software that will allow you to archive the conversation, define its format, and print it.

One of the most eloquent examples on this subject is the MySMSBook application which offers the possibility of obtaining in paper or digital form your SMS conversation after a fairly short procedure:

  • Download and install the MySMSBook application;
  • Choose the conversation you want to print;
  • Personalize your SMS;
  • Fill in your contact details;
  • Check your book.

In the end, whatever the reasons behind your desire to preserve your SMS conversations, there are several ways you can do it. Then all you have to do is use the appropriate means to print an SMS conversation that you want to keep.

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