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7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes For Women

7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes For Women

If you really want to know what it is like to feel fragrances that touch the whole essence of the personality, but from a deep and aromatic point of view, then Arab perfumes are the best that also combine it with excessive luxury for women. For this reason, we want to recommend the 7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes for Women.

Since 1970 they have been a spearhead from Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, to any cosmopolitan city in the world. They are luxurious fragrances that bring out the greatest woman; we don’t want you to miss them, don’t take your eye off them.


1. L’Aventure Femme by Al Haramain

Belongs to the olfactory family fruity floral for women, the L’Aventure Femme is a fragrance that lends itself beautifully to any adventure you want to perform.

L'Aventure Femme by Al Haramain

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A series of fresh and daring notes make up its aroma, among which pineapple, sandalwood, bergamot, musk, vanilla, amber, black currants, and wild berries stand out. The result is an aroma of jungle, fun, and citrus fruits everywhere. Its longevity is long-lasting, and its trail is heavy making its aroma an ideal one for summer when so many adventures are part of everyday life.


2. Junoon Rose by Al Haramain

The perfumes that contain roses are usually somewhat unbalanced in their aroma due to their excessive sweetness. Still, the Junoon Rose that belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women is the exception to the rule.

Junoon Rose by Al Haramain

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Its notes of amber, tonka bean, suede, heliotrope, bergamot, powdery elements, and cherry as well as ideal for providing that aroma between the floral as well as very spiritual and fruity. The Junoon Rose has durable longevity and a heavy trail at the same time, so you can use your fragrance in these days of spring when roses are needed.


3. Night Dreams by Al Haramain

A perfect night is not achieved without an ideal perfume; that is why Night Dreams is the fragrance you need to surprise and make you see in every aspect.

Night Dreams by Al Haramain

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Delicious notes of musk, amber, floral elements, oud wood, sandalwood, and herbal touches define its luxurious aroma as well as an absolute freshness. At the same time, this very refined air is designed to cover all those spring days, and with very long-lasting longevity and a weighty scent, it manages to print its stamp at full throttle, without fail.


4. Amira Gold by Al Haramain

The fragrance of absolute luxury then comes from the hand of Amira Gold, a perfume that has its permanence towards the Asian olfactory family for Women, and that is both luxurious and excessively detailed.

Amira Gold by Al Haramain

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Such a level of detail arrives with its notes of orange, incense, vanilla, oud wood, floral elements, amber, and finally incense, all so that its aroma is super sweet, as well as serious and forest with a strong presence of wood. It is a perfume that captivates on winter days and contains moderate longevity and an equal wake in a respectable presence.


5. Signature by Al Haramain

Synonymous with absolute beauty, Signature is a perfume that belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Wome. As is well known. It contains all the beauty and softness that they deserve.

Signature by Al Haramain

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It is a perfume that has quite introductory notes if you like, among which moss, tobacco, sandalwood, amber, lily of the valley, grapefruit, and orange stand out. So then you have a soft perfume, a little dry, and also with light touches of citrus. This Signature is a fragrance that strikes you as special for any summer day, and its longevity is very long-lasting and its trail moderate.


6. Mystique Musk by Al Haramain

Not everything shown is what it is, and the Mystique Musk is a fragrance that is committed to the mystery and the secret game of gazes, that is why it belongs to the Oriental Fougere olfactory family for Women.

Mystique Musk by Al Haramain

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This perfume hides very well thanks to its notes of guaiac wood, musk, tobacco, mint, orange blossom, and jasmine, which make you perceive that fresh, but the certainly heavy aroma invites seduction from the first meeting. It should be noted that this perfume has long-lasting longevity and a heavy trail that are quite suitable for fall.


7. Tajibni by Al Haramain

The Tajibni by Haramain is a perfume that belongs to the Floral Woody Musk olfactory family; for Women, therefore, you have to wait for a very strong fragrance.

Tajibni by Al Haramain

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Its notes of vanilla, amber, heliotrope, patchouli, cardamom, and white musk are elements where its aroma is of intense fruit with slight compasses of softness. However, it stands out because its longevity is very long-lasting, and its wake is enormous, which makes it live very well in winter, especially to get you out of the cold.


Final Considerations

The 7 Al Haramain Perfumes for Women are an unmistakable sign that luxury should be present in women, but without being point-blank, but instead done with a certain modesty, but with an outstanding level of detail.



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