LifeAfter Night Falls Mod APK + OBB Latest Version

LifeAfter: Night Falls Mod APK + OBB

LifeAfter: Night Falls Mod APK is the latest version of the LifeAfter game series and is expected to be just as exciting as the previous versions. The story remains the same, but the battles will be more intense this time, and the enemies you encounter will be even scarier. Your goal is to survive and save the world from destruction.

APK NameLifeAfter: Night falls v1.0.167
DeveloperX.D. Global
LanguageMulti-Language Support

LifeAfter: Night Falls MOD APK v1.0.167 Latest Version for Android

LifeAfter Mod APK: Night Falls is a remake of the original LifeAfter game by X.D. with improved graphics. Studio. Global, a partner company of NetEase, has released the game for free on Android mobiles and tablets. You will notice no differences if you are familiar with the original game.

Amazing Storyline and Adventure

The game follows the same storyline, adventures, and nature of the original LifeAfter game, with the Night Falls version continuing the story a few years after the first part. The creator of the game has not mentioned any significant differences between the two games, and there are no structural, graphical, gameplay, or style differences.

However, LifeAfter: Night Falls features new optimizations, sections, and features. The main difference between the two games is that most of the main adventures and events in Night Falls take place at night. The game also has new characters and memorable adventures, offering a fresh and exciting experience in a zombie world.

Learn How to Survive

The plot is a crucial factor that makes a game excellent, and LifeAfter: Night Falls has a captivating storyline that immerses players in the game. The zombie theme has been explored in many games, but this game offers a unique and thrilling experience.

The game begins with a virus outbreak that results in humanity’s destruction, with infected people turning into bloodthirsty zombies that destroy everything in their path. You are one of the few lucky survivors, and your goal is to find a way to survive and help the world return to its previous state.

You must always be alert because you face an army of ferocious zombies that can attack you anytime. It would help if you quickly dodged and defeated the zombies and avoided becoming their prey. However, the challenge becomes more challenging when you encounter scary bosses with tremendous strength and endurance.

To survive, you must have an abundant source of food and water, which you can find by exploring the map. The game offers various locations for food and items, such as schools, mines, and woods. It would help if you quickly collected as much as possible and always carried them with you to resupply yourself in critical times.


Crafting and upgrading weapons is essential to defend yourself and fight back against the numerous zombies you will encounter in LifeAfter: Night Falls. You can choose from various weapons provided in the game or create your own if none of the existing ones suit your needs.

Initially, you can only craft simple weapons such as hammers, axes, or knives due to the shortage of materials. However, as you collect rare and exceptional materials, you can create high-damage guns to help you in combat situations. It’s essential to know how to use each type of weapon for different purposes. For example, guns are used for combat, while axes are used for cutting down trees.

Zombies Outbreak

LifeAfter Night falls - Zombies Outbreak

Dawn Break is an organization that emerged during the doomsday. They claim that people bitten by zombies still have a chance to live as a “Revenant.” This involves abandoning their human identity, appearance, and abilities and forever becoming a half-zombie, half-human creature. It’s a risky decision, but what would you choose when it’s a matter of life and death?

The doomsday world is vast and full of crises but has endless possibilities. Every corner of the world can be explored, from snow mountains to beaches, forests to deserts, and swamps to cities. While studying, you can collect resources and collaborate with other survivors to build infrastructure, strengthen defense, and fend off zombie invasions.

Survival and Hope

Traveling alone in a world of zombie roars and night wind howls can be tiring. To experience a sense of community, try opening up and sharing food with friends. You can talk all night and work together to create a peaceful shelter.


The doomsday brought chaos and destruction. Zombies are everywhere, and social order has collapsed. The familiar world has turned into a strange place. Zombies covet settlements, and the harsh climate and scarce resources make it challenging to move around. There is also a power struggle among the survivor forces. Despite the danger, it’s essential to remain calm and keep going, no matter what.

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