Top 21 Luxury Handbag Brands in the World

Top 21 Luxury Handbag Brands To Invest In

Luxury Handbag Brands are more than just a stylish way to carry your things. They combine art, workmanship, and fashion in a unique way.

Handbags which are generally referred to as bags are the most essential items for every girl and woman to keep at any moment, occasion, function, or event.

So, if you want to step up your style and make a statement, think about buying a high-end handbag from one of these well-known names. Your stylish journey is about to go to a whole new level.

When it comes to fashion, designer handbags are more than just accessories. They are signs of class, wealth, and classic style.

From the catwalk to the streets, these beautiful pieces are worn by people who like the better things in life.

Luxury Handbag Brands List

Whether it’s the classic style of Chanel, the skill of Hermes, the famous monogram of Louis Vuitton, the sexiness of Gucci, the minimalism of Prada, or the artistic mix of Fendi, these names change the way we think about accessories.

We will explore the fascinating world of high-end handbag brands in this article, focusing on the top brands, their most famous bags, and what makes them unique.

1. Alexander McQueen

One of Lady Gaga’s favorite firms, and how not to be if they share irreverence. In 1995, Alexander McQueen left Givenchy behind to create his own story and his eponymous brand.

Since then, she has gifted us with authentic fashion jewels with her melancholic aesthetic and exotic designs. An English fashion designer and couturier, Alexander McQueen launched its brand in 1992.

If you are looking for branded bags that make you stand out, the mini Jeweled Satchel in any color is a great option. But without a doubt, the model lined with small spikes is the most remarkable of all. A modern businesswoman has to have The Tall Story leather model, with textured accents.

2. Balenciaga

For those who prefer homemade signature bags, the luxury brand Balenciaga will not disappoint. It was created by Cristóbal Balenciaga before the First World War. Since then, they have satisfied the taste for fashion of the Spanish aristocracy.

Since then, much has been on the road. The use of leather is characteristic of this brand, as well as the taste for details.

You can find a sober model, such as the Downtown Small Shoulder Bag in semi-shiny leather with antique gold details, to a more quirky model such as its plush bag with a watch-shaped top handle.

3. Loewe

Loewe is undoubtedly another premium Spanish firm that denotes authentic luxury. Penelope Cruz and Tamara Falcó are two fans of Loewe bags, but they are not the only ones; Kylie Minogue and JLo are too.

Quality leathers, craftsmanship, and the care of the finishes are some of its characteristics. The Amazona bag, one of the Loewe emblems, designed by Dario Rossi in 1975, is made with Napa 7000. Yes, the highest quality leather in the WORLD.

All its pieces are manufactured in VERY luxurious conditions. We highlight the Anagram in classic calfskin and the Puzzle Edge, in goatskin, which has a bold geometric design.

4. Bottega Veneta

Italy is synonymous with fashion and one of the many that were born there is just Bottega Veneta. He was born in the Veneto region in 1966. Today it is part of the Gucci group, but it is still a firm with its own name, especially when it comes to bags, but not just any but fashion bags.

Its models with chains such as the Mount or the Chain Tote are a clear example of sophistication and sobriety. The Point line is that touch of color and modernity that you are looking for in summer.

5. Burberry

Burberry is an English firm that represents the classic British style. Its creator, Thomas Burberry is known as the inventor of the trench coat as we know it today.

And it is that since its inception it has specialized in creating pieces adapted to the rainy climate that characterizes the United Kingdom.

Currently, among other things, it is one of the firms with the most desired bags in the luxury fashion market.

Burberry is not only limited to bags only, the brand has a wide range of Burberry Perfumes that smell luxuriously.


This is how many of the pieces of BVLGARI are considered, an Italian firm created in 1884 by a Greek goldsmith. This places it as one of the most expensive brands of bags, but boy is it worth it.

We can highlight its Serpenti Forever line, which includes new models, made with Napa leather and fine jewelry details, with its chain and gold-plated clasp.

7. Celine

Oh, Lala! Another of the most recognized expensive handbag brands in the whole world. This French brand Celine began specializing in children’s shoes in 1945. Today it is still recognized for its luxury leather goods, especially its bags.

Every woman can find in this brand a bag that suits her lifestyle, especially those who appreciate comfort and fashion. The Belt Nano and the Nano Luggage are clear examples of this.

8. Chanel

“Fashion passes, style remains” Coco Chanel not only gave us such forceful phrases as this one, but in 1910 she founded this ICONIC brand, synonymous with ELEGANCE.

When thinking about Chanel bags, the typical black bag padded with a fine gold chain inevitably comes to mind.

Yes, the coveted Chanel 2.25 has so many versions and has been copied by others. His flap bag and the Chanel 19 are also very elegant and versatile.

9. Chloé

It wasn’t until 2000 that this brand brought us their impressive handbags and they have been a success ever since. And if not, ask Chiara Ferragni who is one of the biggest fans of these bags.

Chloé is known for highlighting French femininity. At first, it was famous for large bags, like its Totes or the Marcie model. The Darryl model is surely one of the most popular, but the Kiss is one of the most original.

10. Christian Dior

Oh, my Dior! ALL handbag stores have at least one Dior model by obligation because they are one of the most coveted in the world of haute couture. Christian Dior founded this Parisian brand in 1946.

It appeared after the Second World War to restore beauty and joy to women of the time, and boy does it continue to do so! The Lady Dior may be her most iconic bag, but the Saddle Line and the 30 MONTAIGNE bag are pieces that inspire fashion.

11. Fendi

If it has the Fendi label, it has a guaranteed quality seal. It is an elegant brand, with history, that was founded in 1925 by Adele and Edoardo Fendi.

For decades its artisan and elegant design has been appreciated, but over time it has managed to modernize and bring us colorful designs such as the Peekaboo stamped in any of its colors, although yellow is my favorite. But beware, this season the Baguette 1997 is the trendiest.

12. Givenchy

It was the school of Alexander McQueen and Audrey Hepburn was his muse, what else can you say about this brand? Givenchy is one of the most iconic brands in its fashion, with designs as iconic as the iconic Antigona bag.

The Cut-out is a glamor fanatic’s dream because it is a style statement. In addition, they have bags for men and women.

13. Gucci

Gucci is another flagship of Italian fashion to talk about when it comes to luxury handbags. It was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. One of the biggest fans of this firm’s handbags was Jackie O.

The totes of this brand are the favorites of many, especially the Diana model. But the 1961 Jackie, in honor of Jackie O, is taking the season by storm.

14. Hermès

Its quality and timeless designs make a Hermès bag always a good investment. It is a luxury brand that has some of the most coveted designs in the world.

A clear example is its iconic Birkin, it has been in existence for more than 30 years and in that time it has captivated celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, and Kate Moss, to name a few. However, the Brgido backpack and its Opli Chaine 24 bag are two standout pieces.

15. Louis Vuitton

LV’s iconic print may be one of the most copied in the fashion industry. Louis Vuitton is an iconic brand that was born in 1954 as a French trunk brand, and today it is an empire.

The Neverfull is their best-selling model and over the years it only goes up in price. But this year when we are more minimalist, the Alma BB model and the Multi Pochette Accessories are the most popular.

16. Mulberry

The designs of this brand made in the UK are known for having a point of eccentricity that has made many of their bags unique and popular. Mulberry was created in 1971 by Roger Saul and is based in the UK.

Its Alexa model is one of the most versatile, you can get it in a neutral color to go soberer, or in a color that makes you stand out like yellow. But if you are looking for something more romantic, the Top Handle Lily will enchant you.

17. Oscar de la Renta

After being an apprentice to Cristóbal Balenciaga, he founded his brand under his own name in 1965 and since then it has been a success both in perfumes and in handbags and mini bags.

Oscar de la Renta’s handbags stand out for their elegant clutches for any special occasion. ANY. you can choose with your eyes closed. However, if you are looking for something more informal but stylish, your O Chain Wallet is the option to choose from.

18. Prada

Synonymous with status and glamor. Not for nothing do they say that The Devil Wears Prada … was created in 1913 by Mario Prada.

While the 2000 Bowler is a classic, the reissue of the 2000 Terry minibag is trending in Gen Z, especially the pink model. Special mention to the Cleo model, one of the most feminine.

19. Tom Ford

Tom Ford may be one of the newest famous luxury brands, hence its style is bolder and more modern. And JLo and Jennifer Aniston love it.

His designs are influenced by the Gucci and YSL streams, brands that this designer previously worked with. The 3D 001 crocodile-effect bag screams “executive woman” everywhere, while the Velvet Crystal clutch leaves no one indifferent.

20. Valentino

We all know her iconic pointy studded shoes, but her bags are just as iconic. Created in 1952 by Mario Valentino, it is a brand where leather is the protagonist.

Its Roman Stud line is a true piece of art, not for nothing is it one of the most requested bags this season. Although there is no denying that Rock Stud is the favorite line.

21. YSL

For non-French speakers, Yves Saint Laurent can be a somewhat complicated name to pronounce, which is why it is known by its acronyms that adorn their bags.

It is a French luxury brand, created in 1961. The Lou and LouLou lines are visibly recognizable and VERY popular. Her Puffer bag is, as the name implies, padded. Similar to the best-known Chanel model. If you ask me, I’ll take the Manhattan in pink.

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