10 Effective Uses of Silica Gel Packets

10 Effective Uses of Silica Gel, Reason Not to Throw Away

Today We explain to you the uses of Silica Gel and some valuable reasons not to throw them away in this article.

Surely you have already noticed those little gel sachets slipped into the shoe boxes, bags, or parcels you receive?

Silica gel is one of those objects that we see every day without really knowing what they are used for.

How many times have you been told that silica gel sachets are dangerous, even toxic? When you find them in new packaging or packages, you tend not to pay attention to them, and very often they even end up in the trash.

What is Silica Gel?

Silica gel is actually a perfectly natural compound. This is silicon dioxide which is found in abundance in nature. Silica gel comes from quartz sand and is also found in cereals.

It is even used in the food industry as an anti-caking agent, to allow products to retain their powdery appearance and not to become saturated with moisture.

It is thus present in freeze-dried products, certain cheeses, cereal-based children’s foods, dried foods, crisps, confectionery, or even sweeteners, spices, and certain alcohols.

In everyday life, silica gel is mainly in the form of granules or powder. It is transparent in appearance but tends to change color to indicate the amount of moisture present.

Where Can I Find Silica Gel?

Silica gel is marketed as a desiccant or desiccant. The more moisture it absorbs, the more its color changes. It can thus go from transparent to blue via orange and green.

It will be used to capture humidity in an environment by preserving materials in priority and preventing them from degradation caused by humidity.

The gel silica is found easily in the packaging of new objects. This can be shoes, clothing, and accessories, electronic or computer equipment. It is also possible to purchase it directly in DIY stores or on the internet.

Why Keep the Silica Gel?

If the primary role of silica gel is to preserve moisture, you probably do not have an idea of ​​all the services it can do for you. To allow you to reap all the benefits, here is a summary of all the situations in which it is formidably effective.

Uses of Silica Gel in Daily Life Routine

However, these small bags are perfectly harmless and even prove to be very practical in many situations. Find out 10 reasons why you shouldn’t throw them away anymore.

1. Absorb Moisture

Obviously, silica gel is primarily used to get rid of humidity in the ambient air. You can therefore place it in the house without risk, but also in the packages that you send to prevent them from suffering during the journey. Silica gel is also used to kill bacteria.

2. Protect the Blades From Rust

Objects with blades such as razors or cutters can easily rust in contact with water. To preserve them, make sure you make them last longer, just keep them in an airtight place and slip in a few sachets of silica gel. You will notice that the rust will not be able to colonize the blades and that they will remain perfectly sharp.

3. Keep the Cookies Crisp

If you are used to baking and you are bored to find cookies and cookies completely flattened the next day, you have the solution. You just need to keep your preparations in a jar with two or three packets of silica gel and you’re done. Your cookies will stay crispy and delicious for as long as you want them to.

4. Remove Fog From the Windows

Windows, windows, or even windshields, it is not uncommon for the mist to accumulate on surfaces. To put an end to this unpleasant observation, you just need to place sachets of silica gel nearby. They will take care of absorbing moisture before the droplets form.

5. Avoid Mold in Food

Whether it’s for seeds you want to germinate or for your pets’ food, silica gel is radical. It helps prevent mold from forming and you can even slip it into the jars where you keep your legumes, tablets, and vitamins.

6. Store Dried Flowers

For fans of dried flower bouquets or potpourri, silica gel is an unstoppable trick. It keeps its appearance during the drying process and accelerates it.

7. Eliminate Foul Odors

Whether in your dressing room or in your gym bag, it is not uncommon for bad odors to be present. Silica gel sachets make it very easy to remedy this. Just slip a few into the nooks and crannies and no more bad smells.

8. Keep Makeup Sheltered

For fashion victims who like to collect makeup, silica gel is a godsend. To prevent your products from drying out and deteriorating, you just need to slide them all over the drawers where you keep palettes, lipstick, and mascaras. This will allow you to keep them much longer in optimal conditions.

9. Protect Metal Objects

To keep your cutlery, crockery, and all silverware, a few sachets of silica gel will be essential. Indeed, they will help maintain the shine of objects and prevent them from becoming dull. You can also go for this trick with your jewelry.

10. Remove Traces of Water from Devices

You accidentally dropped your phone in the water and you don’t know how to save it? Silica gel is once again the superhero that will save you. Just remove the battery, and the SIM card and put the device in a plastic bag with a few packs of silica gel. Your phone will regain all of its functionality after a few hours.


The bags of silica gel may also allow you to remove traces of moisture. Whether on the lens of your camera or smartphone, temperature changes can cause traces of moisture.

So just put them in a place with silica gel and leave it there, while the granules absorb moisture.

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