5 Main Features of Android 12 Coming To Your Smartphone

5 Main Features of Android 12 Coming To Your Smartphone

5 Main Features of Android 12 Coming To Your Smartphone

Android 12 brings great changes both at the design level and at the functional level. Android’s success is based on its wide versatility and customizability. Here we will see, beyond its launch date, what are the main novelties and features of Android 12, changes, and new functions to be released.

And is that like its predecessors, Android 12 points to a vast number of users continue to prefer devices that support this operating system before any other? The developers of Google have managed to demonstrate that they can meet the expectations of the public in each new version.

Although the new version is currently available only for developers, today we bring you the 5 main novelties of the platform. So you can discover more about this update for when it comes time to install it on your device, something that could happen in the month of August.


Android 12 Latest Features and Updates


1. Change of design

The theme of design has always been one of the strengths of Android, since, unlike other operating systems, it allows a wide range of customization. At the moment, although the schemes of Google’s Material Design line are still respected, some new quite attractive elements have been added.

The new look for Android 12 is now called Material You. This design style brings with it new color themes, new icons, new widgets, and more system elements. In addition, it is known that it will allow you to create a color palette so that the system goes according to your wallpaper.

2. Android 12: New interface

The design, as we have described it, will also be closely linked to the characteristics of the interface of this operating system. With Material You, new designs have been implemented, which have optimized access to certain functions. The notification screen, the quick settings, the power menu, among other functions, are some of the ones that have undergone the greatest changes.

Likewise, Android 12 now has a new security panel, which allows us to know what are permissions granted to certain apps. On the other hand, other news is related to the system warnings regarding access to our camera and microphone by our apps.


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This will allow us to decide between which applications we want to have access to them and which ones not. In addition, there has also been a lot of talk about the new animations of the system. As announced by Google, they are more modest animations, but very dynamic and attractive.


3. New Android 12 Updates

One of the new functions that this update brings has been dubbed App Pairs. According to the leaks, it is said that this incredible function will allow two apps to be pinned so that they can be opened simultaneously. In this way, you would not have to use the split-screen at all times. For example, this feature is very useful when you want to open YouTube and Twitter at the same time.

The new Picture in Picture or PiP mode also brings with it some important optimizations. Therefore, we can now continue to watch videos from an app like WhatsApp, for example, while doing other activities. Android 12 also comes with a new model for games called Game Manager. Basically, it is an improvement that will help apps to easily access our mobile settings when playing.

4. Android 12 Performance 

As revealed, the Android 12 operating system also comes with significant performance optimizations. These optimizations promise to reduce the CPU load of our mobiles, making the processor cores work up to 15% less than usual. The optimization of execution times of the central services of the system is the main cause of this innovation.


5. Android 12 Security 

In the field of security, everything seems to indicate that this update will allow us to have a kind of Firewall in our system. Also, as we discussed earlier, the user will have the opportunity to become much more involved in the permissions granted to the applications.

Android 12 is currently in its third developer preview version. If everything goes as it should, it will begin to reach the final public during the month of August of 2021, and we will tell you which mobiles can be updated to Android 12 and how to download this version of Google’s operating system for mobiles.

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