Nware, The New Cloud Gaming Platform

Nware, The New Cloud Gaming Platform

Nware, The New Cloud Gaming Platform To Play Games 

If you want to play but don’t have a gaming console or computer, don’t worry: take a look at Nware, the new streaming cloud video gaming platform. Here we review its catalog, rates, technical requirements, and everything you need to know to squeeze your favorite video games from your PC. Either car games or those that are preferred.

And it is that after little more than a year of growth in the Beta phase, it has launched an update in which it offers new functionalities such as the possibility of playing thousands of video games from the Steam or Epic Games catalogs on a single platform in the cloud from a PC or Android mobile, without the need for consoles or powerful equipment.

While previously it was necessary to have a powerful computer or console to be able to play video games, now it can be done from any PC or Android mobile device without the need to download any local software or tool, and with the guarantee that the game history is saved. it is saved in the cloud regardless of the device from which it is accessed.

“Since the birth of Nware , our main objective and goal has been that gamers can play any game from anywhere, hence our motto plays any game anywhere. Now, with the long-awaited launch of our Android app, gamers can take their games wherever they want and enjoy new experiences ”, as explained by Begoña Fernández-Cid, Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer of Cloudware, the technology startup that has created the Nware platform.

Nware Requirements and Fees Plans 

And it is that the video game sector has reflected exponential and continuous growth for many years, and everything seems to indicate that it will continue on this path. According to a Grand View Research report, the expectation is that the global video game market will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 12.9% between 2020 and 2027.

As you read it: Nware is a new cloud gaming platform that will allow you to play your video games, without the need to buy an expensive gaming console or computer. You only need a compatible device and an Internet connection.

The fact: The nware application is available for download on Windows computers (Windows 7 x64 or later) and on Android (version 8 or later), and later on other devices.

To play Nware in its Beta phase, video game lovers can sign up for a waiting list through its website www.playnware.com. As the platform opens the service to more users, they will receive an invitation code with which they can access the platform exclusively and test it during a free trial period. Without a doubt, good news for gamers because among more alternatives to Stadia, UTOMIK, or XBOX Game Pass.

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