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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Smartphone

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a New Smartphone

A lot of people when buying a smartphone are confused when they come to the store. Often buyers do not know what exactly they want from a smartphone, and what shortcomings are not ready to forgive him. You should always understand why you want to buy a smartphone, and depending on that make a choice. If you want to watch videos or play games, you need a powerful smartphone with a large display, and if the main thing – the shooting quality, you should pay attention to the camera.

Mistakes to Avoid When buying a new Smartphone

Here below are the 5 most common mistakes we should avoid while purchasing a new smartphone.

1. Internal Memory

Users often forget to pay attention to the amount of internal memory, but this parameter is usually quite important. If you are not a very active user, and you only need basic functions, the minimum amount of memory may be enough (now it is mostly 32 GB). The basic recommended amount of memory nowadays is 64 GB, but for really comfortable use, experts advise to take a smartphone with 128 GB of memory – this will be enough for most users. You can also expand the capacity with a memory card, but in this case, make sure that the model you are buying has a memory card slot and whether your card is fast enough.

2. Sensors and Pixel Size 

Recently, companies like to arrange meaningless races of megapixels, but it should be understood that this is not the main parameter when choosing a camera. Aperture, sensor type, pixel size, and many other parameters are important, and you should not pay attention only to the number of megapixels, or even more, the number of sensors of the main camera.

3. Models with Flagship Stuffing 

Also, when choosing a smartphone, it is advisable to pay attention to models with flagship stuffing, at least because they will last longer. Of course, it is not necessary to take a new top model, because last year is much cheaper, and at the same time does not lag behind similar in price average budget novelties. However, you should not take smartphones that are more than two years old.

4. Do Not Buy a Shop Window Model 

You should always make sure that you do not buy a shop window model because it is almost guaranteed to be problematic. The main problem, of course, will be the battery, which is definitely degraded, while constantly charging, but if you take a smartphone with an OLED display, there is almost guaranteed to burn out.

5. Additional Services

In no case should you connect any additional services when buying a smartphone, because they are mainly reduced to the free installation of applications that any user can install yourself? There are also sometimes cases when a store employee deletes important files for the smartphone.

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