Money Heist Korea Korean Casa de Papel Coming on Netflix Release Date

Money Heist Korea: Korean Casa de Papel Coming on Netflix Release Date

Money Heist Korea: Korean Casa de Papel Coming on Netflix Release Date 

After the worldwide success of the Spanish series Money Heist or Casa del Papel, Netflix decided to release a South Korean version of it. Announced about two years ago, the Korean Casa del Papel is already ready and will soon be released on the video-on-demand service platform. While waiting to follow it from June 24, 2022, find out everything you need to know about this 2022 tv series.


Casa del Papel Korean Trailer: Money Heist: Korea

Netflix has just unveiled the trailer for Casa de Papel Korean. This allows us to know a little more about the series. Find out!

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Casa de Papel Korean Plot: what will it be about?

First of all: if you want to live this series passionately, you must get rid of the image of the original Casa del Papel series. Indeed, even if this remake resumes the basic series in its main lines, the universe and the characters are entirely different. So, don’t expect the Korean Professor to look like the Spanish Professor.

In Money Heist: Korea, the story takes place in a unified Korea. South Korea and North Korea have ended the war to live better together. Society becomes capitalist and a single currency is created to benefit everyone. Unfortunately, this is not what the local’s hope is actually happening. The system is only made for the rich to get richer. For this, a gang of underprivileged people led by a strategist decides to take their share of the cake by carrying out the biggest heist in history. But nothing will be easy for them.


Who is in the cast of the Korean Casa del Papel?

Directed by Ryu Yong-jae, Money Heist Korea is mostly carried by unknown actors. However, if you’ve been following Squid Game, you must recognize Park Hae-Soo there. In it, she played player character 218, Cho Sang-Woo. In this remake series, she plays the role of Berlin.

Plus, Lost fans will have no trouble recognizing Sun actress Kim Yunjin. Here, she plays the role of team leader. Lost’ Actress Yunjin Kim Reflects on Immigrant Life, Talks About New South Korean Drama – The Hollywood Reporter

In the skin of the Professor, brain, and head of the band, we find Yoo Ji-tae. He notably starred in the film Old Boy. The first season of La Casa del Papel Korean will be released on Netflix on June 24, 2022. It is made up of 12 episodes.



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