Most Beautiful Female K-pop Idols

10 Most Beautiful Female K-Pop Idols

Are you interested in knowing who the hottest and most beautiful K-pop idols are? Check out the list of the Most Beautiful Female K-pop Idols.

Nowadays, many people are obsessed with Korean pop music, thanks to the remarkable and successful K-pop idols.

Female K-pop superstars are a significant reason for the genre’s widespread success. Female K-pop idols possess not only musical abilities but also attractive and bold personalities.

Hottest & Beautiful Female K-pop Idols

These sexiest female K-pop stars included in this post epitomize it all. Have a look at the list and leave a comment on this post telling us who your favorite female K-pop idol is.

1. Lisa – Blackpink


Lisa is the most beautiful and hottest K-pop idol in the world. This 26-year-old Korean pop diva is from Thailand, a member of an affluent family.

She changed her name from Pranpriya Manoban to Lalisa on the recommendation of a fate teller for wealth.

This stunning K-pop artist is also a dancer and singer in addition to being a rapper in South Korea. At the age of 13, she began her career as a dancer and performer with YG Entertainment after winning a competition. She is now a member of Blackpink, a South Korean girl group.

Thai Beauty has a YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers and an Instagram account with 80 million followers. Along with her talent and pleasant demeanor, she possesses an enhanced fashion sense.

2. Tzuyu – Twice

Tzuyu - Twice

A Korean pop vocalist Tzuyu was born in 1999 in Taiwan and currently resides in South Korea. Her enthusiasm for dancing has elevated her performance to new heights throughout her career.

Along with 100 million views of her solo performance on YouTube, her popularity skyrocketed, propelling her to nine ranks on South Korea’s Idol in 2017.

Apart from her military duty in South Korea, she got a high position in numerous K-pop polls.

In 2015, the Taiwanese beauty sparked outrage with a flag incident during her show My Little Television, which culminated in her video apologies.

After graduating from high school in 2019, she joined Twice as a member; the pure heart beauty.

3. Irene – Red Velvet

Irene - Red Velvet

Red Velvet, a South Korean girl group, is led by Bae Joo-Hyun, also referred to as Irene. She is a well-known South Korean actress, rapper, and singer.

She is a part of Red Velvet’s EPs and albums since 2014, which have achieved success in K-pop both in Korea and globally.

In addition to Clinique, Korean Beauty supports a number of businesses, such as EXO and Maxwell House.

In 2020, she will become a brand ambassador for Parda. The K-pop singer gave South Korean COVID-19 survivors a $100,000 donation.

4. Kim Jisoo – Blackpink

Kim Jisoo - Blackpink

A 1996-born South Korean beauty wins hearts as a Blackpink girl to watch as she displays her acting and singing skills.

Her first training stop was YG Entertainment in 2011, and she later made her debut with the Square One album in 2016 and made a cameo in 2015. She is currently thought to be among the most beautiful female K-pop idols.

The Korean actress went on to star in other ads for Lee Min-ho, Nikon, and LG Electronics after her brief appearance.

Jisoo, who started her acting career in 2019, has been chosen to play the lead role in the drama Snowdrop by YG Entertainment.

Jisoo’s exceptional beauty made her a huge hit when she was promoted, among other things, to Dior’s summer collection 2021.

5. Rosé – Black Pink

Rosé - Black Pink

Born in 1997 in South Korea, Rosé (Roseanne Park) is a New Zealand-based K-pop singer who has achieved great popularity.

The Korean beauty, who began her career in 2016 as a vocalist with Blackpink, displays both her singing and dance skills.

Since her career started in 2012 when she tried out for YG Entertainment, Rose has worked with Blackpink and the YG family.

She spent four years perfecting her skills as a high-note singer and full-fledged entertainer before joining Blackpink.

When her self-titled debut single, R, was released in 2021, she broke the Guinness World Record for the most-watched K-pop artist on YouTube.

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6. Jennie – Blackpink

Jennie - Blackpink

One of the most beautiful female K-pop idols of the present day is Jennie Kim. She loved ballet dancing as a child, but in 2010 she went through an audition process for YG Entertainment.

The K-pop artist’s talent to sing was made evident when she performed Rihanna’s “Taking a Bow,” which served as the catalyst for her singing career.

Prior to her official public debut in 2012, she was presented by YG Entertainment, which aroused popular curiosity about her as the Mystery Girl. This stunning Korean woman is well known for her bold stage appearances and sophisticated demeanors.

After making her acting debut with this, there have been rumors that she may soon be joining the MCU.

Kim, who was raised in South Korea, made her BLACKPINK debut in August 2016. Ironically, the track “Solo” marked her solo debut two years later.

Jennie’s dream as a teenager was to train as a ballet dancer. She was studying in New Zealand when she first became aware of K-Pop.

BlackPINK’s fashion image has been greatly influenced by Jennie, who goes by the nicknames “Human Chanel” and “Human Gucci.”

7. Nancy – Momoland

Nancy - Momoland

Nancy Jewel McDonie, a Korean-American singer, dancer, actor, and hostess, goes by Nancy in the professional world.

She is a part of the female group Momoland, which was created by MLD Entertainment and grew in 2016 as a result of Mnet’s reality survival series Finding Momoland.

Nancy has participated in the 2020 edition of “The Most Beautiful Faces.” She came in at number ten on TC Candler’s list of “The 100 Most Beautiful Faces” in 2020.

8. Sana – Twice

Sana - Twice

When it comes to determining the ten most attractive and seductive K-pop idols (girls), Sana Minatozaki is an important consideration.

Sana is a vocalist from Japan who presently resides in South Korea. She is one of the three Japanese members of the group.

She entered JYP’s newest survival series, SIXTEEN, in May 2015. She placed sixth in survival, which is appropriate for a girl from TWICE’s group.

The group’s first mini-album, “The Story Begins,” was released on October 20, 2015, marking their formal debut.

Sana was also the highest-ranked Japanese idol in polling history, coming in at number 17 out of 1500 respondents in the 2018 South Korean annual music poll. Sana is one of the 100 most attractive faces of 2020 nominees.

9. Dayul – DAONBIN, Rockit Girl


Dayul is a member of the K-pop groups Rockit Girl and DAONBIN. She was also a member of Baby Boo, performing under the name Dabin. She made her music debut in 2016 with the song “Kiss Me” by Baby Boo.

But in 2018, she and Daon left the Hyundai firm and got back together as DAONBIN. Dayul participated in The Unit, a survival program. She eventually decided to become a member of Rocket Girl.

10. Mina – TWICE

Mina - TWICE

Born in San Antonio, Texas, Japanese TWICE member Mina relocated to Japan when she was a young child.

Mina began her ballet training at an early age, practicing for a total of 11 years before making her TWICE debut.

According to reports in 2017, Mina was dual-citizenship with the United States and Japan; however, by 2019, that had changed. Mina was one of the sixteen finalists who made her debut in TWICE’s first extended play.

It has been reported that Mina has previously experienced nervousness and insecurities related to performing on stage.

Later on, an anxiety problem was identified in her. One of TWICE’s greatest dancers, Mina has received a lot of praise, and her fame has been linked to better ties between South Korea and Japan.

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