Netflix Reaches 195 Million Subscribers

Netflix Reaches 195 Million Subscribers

The number of Netflix subscribers in the world has exceeded 195 million

Netflix shared a third-quarter report for 2020. According to the report, Netflix Reaches 195.15 Million Subscribers until now. The company forecasts that in the fourth quarter of this year it will have about 6 million new customers, bringing the total number of customers worldwide to 201 million.

The company’s revenue for the reporting period reached almost 6.44 billion dollars, and profit – 790 million dollars. In the second quarter of this year, the first figure was 6.15 billion dollars, and the second – 720 million dollars.

Netflix executives also noted the growing competition they felt with the launch of the free Peacock streaming service. However, in the report, they said they were happy to compete with such services.

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