Riyadh Hosts Islamic Summit to End War in Gaza

Riyadh Hosts Islamic Summit to End War in Gaza

Saudia Arab: Riyadh hosts an Islamic-Arab Summit meeting where all the Muslim and Arab leaders will put pressure on the US and Israel to end the War in Gaza.

A lot of world leaders, like Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, are going to the meeting. It’s expected that they will strongly condemn Israel’s campaign in Gaza and demand that the forced displacement of Palestinians there stop.

President of Turkey Erdogan, Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani of Qatar, and President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, who was welcomed back into the Arab League earlier this year, are also there.

Raisi said on his way to Riyadh on Saturday that it was time to do something about the problem instead of just talking about it.

“Gaza is not a place to say things. “It should be for action,” he said at the airport in Tehran before leaving. “Today, the unity of the Islamic countries is very important,” he said.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia spoke out against “what the Gaza Strip is facing from military assault, targeting of civilians, and violations of international law by the Israeli occupation authorities” on Friday.

Since Oct. 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and killed 1,200 people, the Middle East has been on edge.

Since then, Israel’s attack on Gaza has gotten worse. As of Friday, 11,078 people had been killed in Gaza, with 40% of those being children, according to Palestinian officials.

Overnight and into Saturday, fighting got worse near Gaza City’s overcrowded hospitals, which Palestinian officials said were hit by gunfire and blasts.

Middle East relationships have been turned upside down by the war. For example, Riyadh has grown closer to Iran, refused to condemn Hamas as a terrorist group, and put off its plans to normalize relations with Israel.

Iran and Saudi Arabia ended years of hostility in March with a deal arranged by China. Raisi’s trip to Saudi Arabia is the first time an Iranian head of state has been there since then.

On Saturday and Sunday, the country was set to host two important summits: the Organization of Islamic Cooperation summit and the Arab League summit. Because of what’s going on in Gaza, the Saudi Foreign Ministry said that the joint summit will take the place of the two different meetings.

The joint gathering “will be held in response to the exceptional circumstances taking place in the Palestinian Gaza Strip as countries feel the need to unify efforts and come out with a unified collective position,” it stated.

The statement says that the choice was made after the Kingdom talked with the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Arab foreign ministers held an emergency meeting on Thursday to get ready for the Islamic-Arab summit to end war in Gaza. Two delegates told Reuters that the ministers were split because some countries, led by Algeria, wanted to cut all formal ties with Israel.

They said that a group of Arab countries with formal ties with Israel pushed back and stressed the need to keep the lines of communication open with Netanyahu’s government.

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