Self-Publishing Where and How to Publish Your Novel Yourself

Self-Publishing: Where and How to Publish Your Novel Yourself

Self-Publishing: Where and How to Publish Your Novel Yourself

You have just finished writing your novel, your first book, or any other literary work (comic book, manga, essay, biography, etc.), that’s good, you’ve already done half the job, now you will have to find where to self-publish your novel or a book. It is YOU who decides on everything in self-publishing: the writing since you are the writer; proofreading and layout; the visual creation and printing of the book; canvassing bookstores; marketing communications, etc. All. In other words, you, as the writer, will take over the work of the editor, as you don’t.

While the majority of people turn to the best-known publishing houses, you should know that very few authors manage to get published. Especially when it’s a first published book. In traditional publishing houses, only 4% of writers have this chance.

Thus, in recent years, another method of publication has existed: self-publication. But then what does it consist of? Self-publishing is, as the name suggests, a public publication of your Novel or book without going through a publishing house.


Things to think about before starting

Know before embarking on self-publishing/self-publishing, there are a few modalities to think about and refine. At least, we strongly advise you to think about these aspects before launching the publication of your book. This will make you less work after public posting.

  • One of the most important things before embarking on self-publishing is to have actually finished your book. Indeed, self-publishing takes time, it’s time-consuming, and you do double the work. Therefore, it is better to limit any updates to the content of your book, while it is already on the market. You’re in a hurry to get published, of course, but it’s better to actually finish your book before publishing it online. So, make sure that your chapters are finished, that the images are perfect, and that the presentation is at the top.
  • Along the same lines, your book should have no faults. So, set aside time to re-read it in its entirety. Call on beta readers if ever. Otherwise, plan a budget for a service provider.
  • This is essential to avoid going back to your files after publication.
  • We will have to make a back cover and a cover that sells. To do this, they must reflect your history and be attractive. Again, it may be necessary to budget for an illustrator. Otherwise, know that you will take time to do it on Canva for example. But doing it alone is doable.
  • We also recommend that you train in the digital formats dedicated to publications on web platforms, and e-readers. This is important so that your book is readable, as you want it to be, under its final result. Thus, the ePub, Kindle, etc. formats must be mastered, and therefore your book published using these formats.
  • You also need to plan after-sales. That is to say the communication side and the marketing plan. To do this, educate yourself on the subject beforehand and create a business plan. Otherwise, here too, call on service providers.


The Benefits of Self-Publishing

There are several advantages to self-publishing. This is also what drives writers to go through this mode of publishing and to abandon traditional publishing houses.

  • You decide everything, you have control over the artistic direction, the prices, the visuals, the communication, absolutely everything.
  • You will have more gross income, in other words, the publishing platforms where you self-publish will take simple commissions. Thus, your percentage of income per sale is much higher compared to the classic edition. Often, you will even win over 70% of the sale prices.
  • At the same time, with self-publishing, you have power over your rights. There is no assignment of copyright or exclusivity. You can publish the book on multiple platforms, hassle-free. Sometimes, you will be offered a transfer of rights and exclusivity in exchange for a larger percentage of income, but that is up to you.
  • You can change the contents of your books without worries after publication.


The Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

There are still some downsides to self-publishing.

  • You will take care of everything. In fact, as you have all the rights to your work, from A to Z, you will have to take care of everything relating to your book. So you cash the job of the editor, broadcaster, proofreader, commercial, everything. So you have to take the time for that but also work all the more. It can be very tiring.
  • Thus, since it is you who take care of everything, fees may apply to service providers.
  • But also, know that you are not immune to mistakes and flops. Indeed, since you are not necessarily an expert in communication or correction, you may make mistakes and may not have sales.


The sites and platforms where you can publish your Novel

Well, to help you more in your project, here are all the platforms and sites where you can try to publish your digital or paper book.

  • Amazon KDP: under Kindle version, paperback version, etc. The Amazon plan is very
  • Google Books: Try digital publishing on Google Books.



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