5 Best Game Development Software and Applications for Free

5 Best Game Development Software and Applications for Free

What software and applications to make your own free video game?

Making your own video game is a dream for some, and it is now possible! Here are 5 best Game Development software and applications that can help you to make your game for free and publish it.


5 Best Game Development Software to make your own game for free


1. Renp’y for good visual novels

Renp’y is a free software that allows you to make video games in the visual novel format. A visual novel is a choice game that has several narrative routes. The player decides the outcome of the game. The visual novel is actually a book/video game.

Many games have been made through Renp’y . It is easy to use and offers a tutorial from the start for the HTML coding part. With this software, the novice developer will have the basics of the code but will also be able to personalize the music, the backgrounds by integrating images, the characters by integrating their own drawings or visuals via other avatar creation applications.

The story is completely personalized, you choose! It is possible to create several endings and several pieces within the game itself. You can then publish your game when it is finished by downloading it on Windows, Android, or IOS.


2. Construct for 2D

This game editor is powered by Scirra Ltd and uses HTML5 as its language. Construct exists in 3 versions and can easily develop 2D games for free. The programming is fast and is very accessible to beginners. It can be downloaded via Windows, Linus, and Mac. The game works thanks to “event sheets”, that is to say, that we can program events according to what the player decides and therefore change the course of history.


3. Struckd for 3D video games

This software is available on PC but also in the form of a smartphone application. Free and easy to use, you can play games from other creators on this platform or make your own. You can create your own map, integrate a team multiplayer function, save points, and a multitude of 3D game elements.

You can do a fighting game as much as a car game, or a city creator game, or even a sort of battle royale. Making your own video game is easy with Struckd. The only downside to the application is that you cannot delete or modify your game when it is published on the platform, you must make another one and publish a new version.


4. Adventure Game Studio for point & click

This Point & Click software (a screen with a pointer like a mouse) can support first-person games, RPGs, text games, etc. Coding in C ++ language is explained in the tutorial. Adventure Game Studio is free and fairly straightforward under software on Windows, Linux, and Mac.


5. Game Maker for cross-platform

This software is not completely free. It is for 30 days then paid. Hope you are quick in designing! It is easy to use and no need to know how to code! With this software, you can publish your game on any platform including Playstation, smartphone, or via Microsoft Xbox. The possibilities are limitless. We can do platform games like action games, RPGs, puzzle games. You can do 2D, 3D, and even online multiplayer.


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