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4 Simple Steps to Maintain a Perfect Lush Lawn

Everyone wants to experience and boast about perfect green lush lawns. Effort and time for a good lawn upkeep routine can help make it possible. Lawn maintenance requires a blend of basic regular and once-a-week chores. For perfect lawns, you can also hire Fort Collins Plant Care consultation that provides you the extra care and knowledge about keeping your lawn lush. Below are some clues that can help you keep up your game!

4 Simple Steps to Maintain a Perfect Lush Lawn

  • Mow grass once a week  

The first and most important tip to get a perfect beautiful lawn is to mow the grass every week. A bare lawn maintenance routine requires trimming once a week during the summer and spring seasons. Accordingly, you can adjust the frequency of your mowing sessions depending on weather conditions and the climate of your city.

Mowing timings are also important. Experts recommend early evenings to mow lawns for better results to keep the grass locked in moisture. In addition to this, ensure that grass height gets cut one-third while trimming.

  • Include sprinklers for early morning routines 

Healthy lawns require adequate water. Water is a crucial ingredient in keeping your grounds green. However, it is not essential to water lawns regularly unless there are new seeds of grass growing. Ideally, you should water lawns at least twice or thrice a week. To make full use of the watering schedule, you can utilize a sprinkler. Sprinklers mainly cover the overall area, which helps water your entire lawn. The best time to water your greens is in the morning, between 7 to 10.

  • Opt for customized grass 

It is best to customize the grass for new homes or properties, or lawns that need complete remodeling to get the best results. There are plenty of grass types available and famous for being used for yards. Some grass types like Kentucky bluegrass and bermudagrass do not require much maintenance.

Rainfall also affects the performance of certain grass varieties. Further, grass types also function distinctively according to your region’s climate. When choosing the right kind of grass, always consider the environment of your area. Contact Artificial Grass Pros of Broward for the best lawn maintenance advice! You can consult lawn professionals for personalized recommendations.

  • Fertilizers for your lawn  

You can add fertilizers to your lawn to make it look greener and perfect while you show off its lushness. Adding fertilizers to your routine is an easy and DIY task for homeowners. All you need is a good quality fertilizer and a suitable lawn spreader; you must ensure that it meets the needs of your customized grass.

There are two varieties of lawn spreaders available. These include broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. You can opt for drop spreaders for small lawns, while broadcast spreaders work great with large areas.

You can make your space the desire of your neighborhood. You can get a lush green lawn to flaunt and love with a simple few regular lawn chores. Look for the perfect professional team to experience lush green lawns. A green and well-maintained property can please your guests. You can flaunt it in front of your colleagues and friends to fetch compliments.

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