Solar Inverter - Making Solar Power Accessible for Use

Solar Inverter – Making Solar Power Accessible for Use

Making Solar Power Accessible for Use!

Solar radiation is the light emitted by the sun. Solar technologies capture the vast amount of sunlight that the Earth receives and convert it into useful forms of energy. Solar energy technology is mainly classified into two types, Photovoltaics (PV) and concentrating solar-thermal power (CSP). Let us understand the most common uses of solar energy.


What is Solar Inverter?

You must have seen solar panels installed at various places nowadays. A solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) from a photovoltaic solar panel into an alternating current that can be used for various purposes. A high-quality solar inverter having a good convection cooling system is essential for long-lasting solar power systems.

The first question that may come to your mind is, how does solar power work?

Electricity is generated using photons present in sunlight. Solar panels basically contain solar cells that create an electric field. When the photons come in contact with the solar cells, they knock out the electrons from the atoms and start flowing in one direction. This is called Direct current.

Each solar panel has numerous solar cells so that a large amount of energy can be produced for multiple uses. The energy thus produced cannot be directly used in homes as it has to be converted to alternating current. This is why you need solar inverters if you are planning to switch over to solar power.


Types of Solar Inverters

There are mainly two types of inverters:

  1. Transformer-based Inverter, and
  2. Transformer-less Inverter


Transformer-less inverters are compact and slightly more efficient than transformer-based inverters.


How is a solar inverter useful?

A solar inverter is an indispensable part of the solar power system. Without this, solar energy cannot be used for any purpose.

  • It converts all the DC into AC which in turn can be used to run electrical equipment or for other purposes.
  • The solar inverter provides ground fault protection.
  • Solar inverter plays an important role in the efficiency of the solar system as a whole. It detects any faults in the system so that they can be rectified before any damage is caused.
  • Some energy is inevitably lost in transit from the solar panels to your home. Although this loss cannot be completely prevented, solar inverter reduces it considerably.
  • The more efficient your solar inverter, the fewer solar cells are required to generate a specific amount of energy. This means that the overall cost of harnessing solar power is reduced.



Solar energy is one of the most cost-efficient, clean, and sustainable sources of energy. Sun is a massive source of energy that can be harnessed efficiently to benefit humankind. Many people are now considering switching over to solar power for their homes and businesses. It plays an important part in the conservation of non-renewable sources of energy that are fast depleting.

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