Data Science With Python Course

Data Science With Python Course

In this article, we will be discussing the Data Science with Python Training Course which is being offered on the online platform of Zeolearn Academy. Zeolearn, an immersive learning platform that is known for its significant courses pertaining to job-ready skills is offered throughout the year. This time it is providing the latest Data Science with Python Course to help you master Python and start your career in Data Science.

It would be a 42-hour of the instructor-led interactive training program which will include statistical learning with advanced Excel, Python, advanced statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning algorithms.

The objective of providing the course is to give you hands-on experience on Python comprehensively, along with covering the interactive learning to help you kick start your career from the right step.



Data Science has increasingly become a top-paying job in the past few years and is an acquired skill it is in quite high demand across industries. The rising popularity of big data and the usage of analytics to boost business growth is the reason why it is counted as the most in-demand jobs in the industry. On that note, data scientists with the required skill set in Data Science and Python are considered a revered class of professionals and are highly sought after by enterprises while looking to hire the right candidate.

The best step in this regard is to kick start your career in becoming a Data Scientist via the usage of the power of Python. Then you would be competently doing data analysis, creation of amazing visualizations, and efficiently using robust machine learning algorithms to convert the data into meaningful statistics which will be helpful for the enterprises to achieve desired business outcomes.



The Data Science with Python training is a comprehensive and interactive program designed with the aim to help you master the Python Programming language and its application in Data Science. The course will teach the attendees about the core concepts concerning Data Science such as statistics, exploratory data science domain, hypothesis testing, data visualization, classification modeling techniques, and machine learning algorithms. For this, we will be providing you sessions from the industry experts itself on Data Science and Python who will coach and train you with hands-on practical experience to rule the industry.



Data scientists are one of the highest-paid technology esteemed professionals across the globe. Not to mention, Businesses these days are increasingly dependent on analytics and statistics with the objective to improve and expand the delivery of their products. This is the result of why data analysis is highly being used in the supply chain, marketing, human resource, and also other several areas. Some of the other benefits that you will gain from the Data Science with Python Course are summarized in below points:

Learn about Python Distribution, fundamental data types, loops, regular expressions, strings, data structures, and control statements.

There are certain user-defined functions involved in Python such as the Lambda function that you will master and also will learn the object-oriented method of writing sessions and objects in python.

Learn everything about Datasets and manipulation such as import of datasets into Python, data analysis, writing outputs by use of Pandas library. Expertise in Probability and Statistics involved such as usage of data values, distribution, hypothesis testing, and conditional probability.

You will also be taught everything on advanced Statistics such as linear regression, variance analysis, model building, and dimensional reduction tricks.

Get master of predictive modeling as about evaluation parameters, performance, and classification of conflicts.

Efficient working with Time Series data, forecasting, its components, tools and learning its benefits



There are as such no requirements that you need to fulfill to attend the Data Science with Python course, but fundamental programming knowledge will be beneficial. So enroll in the course and keep on learning with Zeolearn.

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