Ultra Game Launcher Introduces NFTs

Ultra Game Launcher Introduces NFTs

Ultra Game Launcher Introduces NFTs

A brand new competitor of Epic Games, Steam, or GOG, Ultra is beginning to establish itself in the video game market. Ultra the new gaming platform has just arrived and it offers a little novelty as a game launcher; indeed, Ultra will allow players to resell dematerialized games via NFTs.

Ultra introduces NFTs in video games

NFT: Non-fungible token. You must be wondering what it is. Well, NFT represents a type of crypto token. Overall, these tokens can be attached to digital entities such as audio files, images, and therefore games.

Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox, spoke very recently about the case of NFT in the world of video games. For him, this technology is still very young, but very promising for the gaming industries and for gamers. However, it is not yet well known enough to invade the world of video games.

Nevertheless, some are starting to take an interest in it. This is for example the case of Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, or Take-Two. But, the main shareholder of this new technology is Ultra. Ultra is a new game launcher like Steam, Epic, or GOG. The latter’s final objective is to link NFTs with the sale of online games. This game publisher is also closely monitored by Epic Games, NFTs being a simpler and more secure way to buy or resell dematerialized games.


How does this change compared to others such as Steam?

How will the buying and reselling of games work with Ultra’s NFTs? In fact, the launcher will link every digital game sold to an NFT. As a result, this game will be exchangeable and may even be resold in the dematerialized form to other people. Imagine a LeBonCoin of the dematerialized game.

Example: If Electronic Arts decided to release its famous The Sims 5, players could purchase it through the Ultra Launcher. If they buy it on Ultra, they can each have an NFT and sell it second-hand. The game publisher will of course be able to decide on the minimum resale price.


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