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Some Useful and Interesting Features of Wi-Fi Routers

Discover Some Useful and Interesting Features of Wi-Fi Routers You May Not Aware of.

A Wi-Fi router is designed for more than just Internet distribution. Few people are aware of the fascinating and useful features hidden within this device.

1) USB interface

Numerous modern routers include a USB interface. It allows you to connect an external 4G modem to establish a flash or external drive backup recording channel. If it can be used as a drive, you can download torrents without a computer or create your network-attached storage (NAS) device.

2) View associated devices

Using the router, it is possible to view all connected devices. Additionally, some models have a connection history. This is how you can determine who is using your Internet connection. For instance, if someone uses your password for unauthorized purposes.

3) IPTV and DLNA

If your router supports DLNA and IPTV, you can use sound reproduction equipment and view television via the router.

4) Traffic supervision capabilities

For instance, if a family member uses one of the sites for too long, you can block it through the router’s administrative section. Numerous modern routers include a parental control feature.

5) VPN

Numerous routers feature a VPN function, which, when appropriately configured, can ensure the security of all devices in the home.

6) Logging into the device externally

For instance, if the necessary files are stored on your computer, you can configure the router to access your local network from any location.

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