Summit Bank Named Bank Makramah Limited BML

Summit Bank Named as Bank Makramah Limited BML

Summit Bank Limited (SMBL) has changed its name and is now called Bank Makramah Limited BML. Starting on November 27, 2023, the new name and image will be used on all platforms.

Pakistan Stock Exchange Approved Summit Bank’s New Name MBL

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSE) has properly told everyone involved about Summit Bank’s new name Makramah Bank Limited BML.

In line with the renaming effort, the National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited (NCCPL) also gave the bank the new security symbol “BML” in response to its request.

This change in name comes after the Board of Directors (BoD) decided on July 17, 2023, to change the bank’s name. This change has been made public by a notice from the local stock exchange.

The board of directors decided on July 17, 2023, to change the bank’s name, which led to this change in identity. From what we know, the first of a series of workshops on “Standards & Circularity in Textiles” took place last week at the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) in Karachi.

Sustainability was at the center of the talks because it is still one of the most important issues in the world. The textile business is a big part of the world economy and plays a big part in solving environmental problems.

The respected guests talked about what they knew about sustainable practices and how to use circularity in the process of making textiles.

The goal of the seminar was to help textile and leather exporters learn and get better at dealing with the problems that come up with circularity and sustainability.

A press release says that the Center for Excellence in Islamic Finance at the Institute of Business Administration held a roundtable discussion on Islamic Social Finance at the IBA City Campus. The talk was made possible by Ihsan Trust and Meezan Bank.

The goal of the meeting was to look into how Islamic social finance can help non-governmental organizations (NGOs) help Pakistan’s economy grow. One of the other goals was to look into how to create a place where NGOs can work together for the good of the country.

The main speaker was Justice Dr. Syed Anwar Shah, who is currently an Alim Judge and used to be the Chief Justice of the Federal Shariat Court. He talked more about how NGOs and Islamic social finance can help Pakistan’s economy grow.

A press statement says that the President and CEO of the National Bank of Pakistan, Rehmat Ali Hasnie, went to Riyadh, KSA, for the UnionPay International Regional Member Council Meeting.

During the council meeting, he talked about NBP’s plans for online shopping and payments. At the meeting were also people from the Middle East, Turkey, China, and Pakistan who work in the financial field.

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