Babar Azam with Lamborghini Aventador Goes Viral

Babar Azam with Lamborghini Aventador Picture Goes Viral

Pakistani player Babar Azam, who remained in the news for stepping down from captaincy, has reportedly bought a new Lamborghini Aventador worth over Rs 26 crore in Pakistan.

Babar Azam with Lamborghini Aventador Goes Viral

Babar Azam’s shots, especially his cover drives, are a delight to watch. He seems to have a natural talent for playing them, and he is unmatched when executing the finest drives among all cricketers.

The flashy batter was recently seen standing next to a Lamborghini Aventador, a high-performance car known for its powerful V12 engine. The Aventador is widely recognized as an iconic car of the 21st century.

Pakistani fans congratulated Babar Azam as his pictures went viral, showcasing his newest addition to his car collection. Some fans have noticed that Babar’s new ride resembles the car in the famous movie Tarzan: The Wonder Car.

Babar Azam recently announced his decision to step down as captain through a post on social media. He expressed that it was a challenging choice, but he believes it is the appropriate moment to make this decision.

He said he would keep playing for Pakistan as a batsman and expressed gratitude to the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for their support during his time as captain.

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Babar Azam Lamborghini Price in Pakistan

Purple-hued Lamborghini Aventador price in Pakistan is around PKR 26 crore.

His family members gave the cricketer an Audi e-tron GT sports car. Now, he has added a Lamborghini Aventador to his collection. The Lamborghini is worth a whopping 7.8 crore in rupees, making his collection even more luxurious.

Babar Azam consistently focuses on both speed and style, not only on the cricket field but also in his personal life. Fans are excitedly waiting to see Bobby driving his bright purple Lamborghini.

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