The Medium Gets Goosebumps with New Live Action Trailer

The Medium Gets Goosebumps with New Live Action Trailer

The Medium Gets Goosebumps with New Live-Action Trailer

The new Live Action trailer for The Medium, which is highly anticipated by the players, has raised expectations. Name the Observer and Layers of Fear, which was announced by the impressive horror productions such as Team developed by The Media first encountered Inside Xbox emerged at the event called, and he had managed to collect the attention from him.

The Medium PC, Xbox X/S Series Release Date  

The Medium will be released on the Xbox Series X / S and PC on January 28, 2021. It is preparing to make its debut for its platforms.

Drawing attention to its atmosphere and story, the production also draws attention with its game mechanics that allow the player to be involved in the adventure in two different worlds. Without further ado, let’s leave you alone with the new trailer for The Medium.

The Medium New Action Live Trailer 


The trailer, which is almost like a short film, has done a very impressive job of introducing the atmosphere of the game to us. The appearance of the Bloober Team, which has proven their competence with their previous works in subjects such as art design and creating atmosphere, with such a The Medium Story Trailer proves that an impressive job awaits us once again.



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