Watch The Witcher Season 1 Bloopers

Watch The Witcher Season 1 Bloopers | Witcher Series Bloopers

Watch The Witcher Season 1 Moment of Bloopers Madness

Would you like to see The Witcher in unusual circumstances? The new material from Netflix presents Bloopers from the Witchers season 1.

Watch Witcher Season 1 Bloopers

The short material of “Fallen” presents a compilation of funny scenes straight from behind the scenes of the movie The Witcher. You can see failed scenes, mistakes during recording, funny moments, and even… Roach is taking care of itself.

Fans of the series are already waiting for the second season, but it is created in pain, literally (coronavirus pandemic, injury of the main actor), so at the moment it is not known when it will premiere.


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