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Top 8 Best Meditation Apps in 2022

Best Meditation Apps. We live in a society that goes very fast, every day the same things, the same routine. Therefore, it is good from time to time to stop and observe the wealth that we have.

Because even if we believe we have gaps, we live surrounded by fullness. It all depends on the focus of the “observer” on what he “observes”. This is why we enlist the top 8 best meditation apps for Android & iPhone to relax and meditate.

We implemented a series of free and paid mindfulness applications to relax and meditate. These applications have the following characteristics:

  • Relaxing music for sleeping.
  • Relaxation methods.
  • Music to sleep well.
  • Guided meditation.


8 Best Meditation Apps For Android & iOS in 2022


  1. Meditate with Petit BamBou

The “Petit BamBou” application is simple to use; everything is explained as you go along so that you can easily meditate. Support emails are also very encouraging. It is an application, and yet we feel strong humanity, which supports us in practice.

It is without a doubt the best application to meditate; I can say that I discovered meditation thanks to Petit Bambou. I like the fact that it helps me maintain self-confidence and progress—a little moment of well-being for yourself.


  1. Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditation & Mindfulness

It is a freemium application; its free catalog is excellent and quite large compared to other similar meditation applications. I particularly like the meditative selector, depending on your mood and your physical condition.

Breathe’s approach, although it varies depending on the audio, is generally focused on visualization and attention to what is said in the audio. The content is always very enriching and relaxing.


  1. Insight Timer

One of the most popular meditation apps in English, which has recently been translated into more than 20 languages, including French. This application is more like a social meditation and relaxation network, with more than 120 free meditation sessions and more than 5,000 premium users.

Insight Timer gives you access to relaxing meditation music, in addition to allowing you to participate in discussion groups or attend local meetings of people who share your interests.


  1. Calm

With a wide variety of programs, this meditation app has been designed to help you reduce anxiety, sleep better, and ultimately be happier. Also, one of their latest updates includes a Mindfulness music section that will help you relax whenever you need it. The application is very rich in varied content. It just misses the French version besides the users find it a little too expensive.


  1. Guided meditation with Zenfie

A great meditation application is available in French that allows you to learn to meditate in addition to practicing mindfulness. Zenfie is made up of several different sections, intended for relaxation, rest, awakening, musicals, and even moments of emergency anxiety. Also, Zenfie offers a version for children so that they can also enter the world of mindfulness.


  1. Pranic Breathing: Meditation & Serenity

Pranic Breathing is one of the best applications to relax and meditate available in French that I could find. It is one of the most effective relaxation methods I have tried, based on breathing.

Among the advantages of this guided meditation method are:

  • It improves memory, concentration, and attention.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • The quality of our sleep is improving.
  • Greater resistance to stress.


  1. Mindfulness – Meditation for all

Among the best meditation app, this is a TOP app, because it focuses on the psychological concept of mindfulness, based on Buddhist meditation. Through guided sessions of 3 to 20 minutes, this application aims to allow us to be able to live with all the attention we have whatever happens to us. Intuitive and user-friendly, it will allow you to set reminders so that you don’t miss your daily meditation session.


  1. Headspace: meditation

Headspace is still the most popular app among the wide range of meditation applications. Known as “the meditation app for modern life” and created by an English Buddhist monk, Andy Puddicombe, this app will allow you to conduct guided sessions of 10 minutes.


Final Words

Are there other meditation apps that you use to relax or meditate? You could leave me a comment with your impressions, that would help me. You can also help me by sharing this article on your social networks, especially on Twitter, which would help me a lot.


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