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Top 6 Best Resume Builders for Professional Job Hiring

Resumes are one of the most important requirements in any job hiring program. It is not only used for employers to get to know you personally but it is also a great way to comprehend whether you have the skills it takes to take on the job.

Job hiring programs require a specific resume, and different job fields, and companies require different resumes. Thus, it is important to read and understand the requirements needed to put before creating one.

Best Resume Builders for Job

The internet offers a big help in terms of almost everything, and this includes help in job applications, from creating cover letters, resumes, templates, tips, formats, and many more. There are over a dozen examples of resumes on the internet. Depending on the job description, the resume should fit within the said requirements, whether or not it requires a list of this and that or just some.

If you struggle to achieve the “perfect” resume, this article will provide the help you seek. If interested, keep on reading.

1) Resume Nerd

If you are looking for a good-quality resume builder, Resume Nerd is the answer. Resume Nerd is known to be the easiest and best resume builder of all time. With over a dozen templates, fonts, designs, and formats to choose from, it can create a resume fit for your job. It also allows users to customize their resumes with limited choices offered (Services may vary to subscriptions).

2) Enhancv

Enhancv has been one of the most recommended resume builders of all time. Aside from the service fee, they offer services just as worthy as the price. As simple as filling out the relevant form, they can give you over a dozen choices to choose from, and even customize it yourself.

3) Resume Genius

Resume Genius is your go-to resume builder if you don’t want to spend money on online help. This resume builder allows you to choose from a wide range of different designs and templates, and not worry about a dime. Resume Genius offers free services like no other, and indeed this is true. They offer resume templates and formats and allow you to customize them based on your preferences.

4) Canva

Canva is currently the number one editing tool used today. Aside from creating visual designs, it also offers the services of creating a template or design for your resume. Though it is great for editing, Canva does not have the services to create a resume but has over a hundred templates to choose from. If you have already created the content you want to write on your resume but struggle to find the perfect design template, Canva could be a great helping hand.

5) NovoResume

NovoResume offers services like no other, it is very accessible and easy to use. Depending on the services you avail of, you can get resume templates, designs, formats, and more. Even free services, allows a user to have a wide range of choices. If willing to avail of their subscriptions, the services they offer are very worth the price.

6) Grammarly Resume Builder

Grammarly has been known to be the most helpful tool when it comes to essay writing, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, article writing, and more writing content. But did you know it can also help you with job applications?

It helps you create resumes and cover letters in a very mannered way, it helps you construct your perfect sentences to immediately get the attention of the hiring managers.

Grammarly Resume Builder offers premium services to those who are willing to pay for a subscription monthly, and even to those who choose otherwise, Grammarly offers limited but helpful services too. It offers a free writing assistant, plagiarism detector, automated grammar checker, instant proofreading, and many more.


A well-written resume attracts and convinces an employer that you are capable and knowledgeable about a certain job you want to take. A perfect resume depends on how you see it. If you are struggling to create the perfect and well-written resume, the internet could be your go-to help.

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