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Ultimate Guide: What Types of Motorcycle Helmets Should You Buy?

If you have recently bought a motorcycle and are taking care of all the necessary paperwork to be able to ride it, you are likely interested in knowing how many types of motorcycle helmets there are. This is because it is an indisputable safety requirement with auto insurers in the United States and with local laws. In addition, it is also important for the factor of comfort and aesthetics. Since we all want to look good when we do an activity that we like.


5 Types of Motorcycle Helmets You Should Buy

Depending on the case, a police officer or a vehicle insurer may require certain types of motorcycle helmets. This is based on the fact that a specific model has the appropriate functionalities for a type of route or a riskier sports activity.

The following 5 categories group different types of motorcycle helmets within a standardized label. Which is given to facilitate the search for the buyer and the sale of the manufacturer, distributor, and seller:


  1. Jet Helmets (Open Face Helmet)

Despite being the most widely used of all types of motorcycle helmets in urban centers, specialists consider that a jet motorcycle helmet offers relatively little protection. Well, they protect the neck, head, and ears, but leave the jaw uncovered.

They are not very aerodynamic either, although they are quite fresh, light, and very practical when transporting and storing.


  1. Folding Helmets (Modular Helmet)

They are called flip-up or modular motorcycle helmets because of the feature that allows the chin guard to be raised to resemble an open-face motorcycle helmet. Their security level leans more towards a high score and they all have the main viewer as well.

It is quite comfortable, but it is a bit heavier than its open counterpart. It is also often the preferred alternative for drivers looking for a little more security on their urban or interstate journeys.


  1. Integral Helmets (Closed Helmet)

You probably know them as pilot-type motorcycle helmets and they are presented as a completely unalterable pieces. And for this reason, it is much safer and more aerodynamic than the previous two options.

It is ideal for highway driving. However, depending on the climatic conditions of the city, it can be impractical for day-to-day use.


  1. Off-Road Helmets (Dual Sport Helmet)

It is perhaps the least common of all types of motorcycle helmets due to its peculiar appearance with a prominent and elongated chin. Its main visor is removable and the internal ventilation is a bit cooler than other variants.

It is usually used for sports practices and for this reason some users leave it as their ideal helmet for mountain routes or on uneven terrain.


  1. Motocross Helmets

Among the different types of motorcycle helmets, as their name suggests, cross-type motorcycle helmets are those that are intended for the sport known as Motocross. They do not have visors because they are used with special glasses.

In turn, the jaw section is a bit pronounced and they are not aerodynamic, as they are used at moderate speeds. The visor is at the top, just like with off-road motorcycle helmets.



That’s all we got for you in this ultimate guide to buying the helmets that suit you according to your need and personality. After reviewing various types of helmets, we bring you the article Most Expensive Motorcycle Helmet in the World.

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