Use Content Marketing Strategy To Sell More on the Internet

Use Content Marketing Strategy To Sell More on the Internet

If you are looking to sell more on the Internet, keep reading: Did you know that a content marketing strategy is 62% cheaper than traditional marketing and generates three times more leads or potential customers? Here we give you its keys so that you can make the most of it.

And it is that as a result of the pandemic, many businesses have moved to the digital field. However, not all have been able to make the most of their presence in this new environment. One of the great allies of companies in the digital world is content marketing, a term that still sounds unknown to some small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, but which brings great benefits at the business level.

Benefits and Use of Content Marketing Strategy To Sell More on the Internet

According to María Gil, content marketing expert and instructor at Udemy for Business – Udemy’s learning product for workplaces – “content marketing has been around for years. However, now with the pandemic, there are more businesses entering the digital world and it may have begun to value having a good strategy. To create it, you only need time for learning and adaptation ”.

1) Know the Buyers Persona

It is necessary that we know what are the traits that characterize them: gender, age, marital status, work, income level, and what type of information they consume … All this helps us to create content around this type of profile.

2) Investigate which social networks Buyers Take an Interest

This is an important factor since we can make the mistake of publishing in a medium where our client is not present. Knowing, therefore, which are their favorite social networks and the formats that consume the most is necessary for them to find us in that place.

3) Create content based on the interests of the target audience

This point will be easier to carry out as long as we have done a good previous study. For example, content focused on educating people is what attracts the most customers. With them, they discover the steps they have to take to solve their problem, and within that solution, they usually find the product or service they want to offer.

4) Distribute the contents in the appropriate formats

For this, we must take into account the social network or digital support that will be used. Creating a video for Instagram is not the same as creating a video for YouTube. Instagram is a fast consumer social network like Tik Tok, while YouTube can be used to watch long videos while we eat or have a break.

5) Check the results that the strategy is giving

It is essential to analyze the statistics in detail to confirm that the strategy is effective and to create, every time, better content adapted to the needs of the audiences and the current situation.

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