What is Refresh Rate and Touch Response in Smartphones

What is Refresh Rate and Touch Response in Smartphones

What is Refresh Rate and Touch Response in Smartphones

Recently it has become a trend to talk about the refresh rate and touch response rate when buying a smartphone, in addition to the main features such as processor, memory, and camera. But what do these features refer to and what are they for?

The screen on mobile devices has gained relevant importance, as we consume more and more content. For this reason, Samsung explains each of these concepts and how it benefits you when changing your equipment.


Refresh Rate: Screen Update

It refers to the number of still images that appear on a screen in a single second. Therefore, the higher the refresh rate, the smoother and more fluid the videos and display movements will be. This means that the screens of the Galaxy S21FE, S22 (S22 Ultra, S22+, and S22), and A53 are updated 120 times per second.

The unit of measurement is Hertz (Hz) and most of the screens we use such as smartphones, tablets, monitors, and televisions are in the range of 60 to 240Hz. Currently, most mobile devices in the mid and high range have these high refresh rate screens, improving the user experience.

This feature is very important if one of the main uses that you will give to your Smartphone will be to enjoy video games, especially racing or war games where the scenarios and actions change very quickly or to watch and broadcast video on your favorite entertainment platforms and networks. social.

This constant updating of the screen supposes a higher energy consumption; however, the variable refresh rate offered by Galaxy devices optimizes the refresh rate thanks to their artificial intelligence, so that the battery consumption will be the most appropriate considering the activity that is taking place.


Touch Response Rate: Response Time

The response rate or touch sampling is the number of times the screen detects a touch or input in one second. This feature gives the user the feeling of instant response with each touch of the phone; for example, when typing fast, playing games, or even checking your networks.

Therefore, if the device specifications mention that this rate is 240Hz, it means that the screen will search or scan the movement of a finger on the screen up to 240 times per second, as is the case with recent Galaxy devices. launched by Samsung in the country.

It is important to mention that these two features go hand in hand and help improve the response time of the screen for an incredible user experience. Therefore, review which are the tasks that you will carry out the most with your mobile device and evaluate which are the features that best suit your needs.



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