Rage Controller App to Identify & Manage Anger in Video Games

Rage Controller App to Identify & Manage Anger in Video Games

Rage Controller App to Identify & Manage Anger in Video Games

Samsung joins forces with Pony Malta to present Rage Controller, an app that makes it possible to measure, alert and reduce anger through prizes and incentives that help young people to have a balance between their emotions.

In the current framework that moves towards digital, the gamer world, and trends, Pony Malta, one of the most iconic brands remembered by Colombians for more than 60 years, together with Samsung Colombia, launched a revolutionary application called Rage Controller, which seeks to reduce the anger caused by video games in children and young people.

It is estimated that in Colombia there are around 9 million gamers who use their cell phones as the main gaming platform, so there are more and more players who face a global problem that can generate psychological effects related to frustration and anxiety. The Internet has been flooded with viral videos of gamers losing control and destroying their cell phones, consoles, and computers.

That is why Pony Malta, the brand that has grown alongside the children and adolescents of the country for generations, is committed to the video game sector to improve their experience; take care of their emotional and mental health, always seeking that they can show the best version of themselves.

“At Pony Malta, we want to continue as champions of the gamer world and work to support players, providing a tool that allows them to make better use of gaming platforms. For this reason, we have developed Rage Controller, to continue contributing to the personal well-being of players”, said Juan Alonso Torres, Pony Malta’s Marketing Director.

The application, developed by Wunderman Thompson Colombia and Costa Rica, works through behavioral design, with which the variables and decisions that affect the mood of the players are identified. In the first phase, the application will have active functions thanks to sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, and gesture recognition, but later it will have more advanced functions for facial and voice recognition.

The initiative is carried out in collaboration with Samsung Colombia -a leading brand in smartphones and recognized in the gamer world- joins this initiative with its Galaxy A Series, and its new Galaxy A53 Smartphone, which with its 5-nanometer processor facilitated the development of the application to measure and combine the data using the technology that their devices already have, such as facial recognition, decibel meter, and accelerometer, which make it possible to detect the player’s anger levels.

“For us, it is very gratifying to participate in this type of initiative that contributes to the good use of technology, thanks to the data that can be collected with artificial intelligence and sensors such as the accelerometer, gyroscope, and virtual proximity, which are integrated into our devices. Galaxy A53 5G”, commented Leonardo González, Head of Digital Media & PR of Samsung Colombia.

Sensors that Identify Anger Behavior

Rage Controller works in the background to determine the level of rage while users play, detecting values ​​thanks to a decibel meter that notifies if a player is yelling, and anger gesture detector using facial recognition, and an accelerometer that knows if a user shakes the device strongly.

Once the app identifies any anger behavior, it starts alerting players via push notifications and a light bezel around the screen with a color that sets the current anger level; green means a good state, orange is the limit that becomes a notification that motivates to win prizes, and red a warning of the last level of anger to take a break. When players keep their rage levels green, they receive special rewards like exclusive weapons, skins, and more.

Currently, the application can be tested with the most downloaded free game in South America -with more than 100 million downloads- Garena Free Fire. However, it is planned to open it as an open-source platform so that it can be used with many more games.

To counteract the “gaming rage” the app alerts the user, takes them to take a break, and gives them equipment, weapons, maps, skins, and other items that will allow them to return to their game calmer and with the necessary tools to win.

Until now, in the world there is no real and specific measurement of the problem of anger in video games, that is why this innovation becomes more relevant, becoming the first global database that identifies anger in real-time, generating more and better tools to help solve this problem that has affected players.

Rage or Anger Controller App can be downloaded for free and is already available on Google Play. During the first week, Samsung devices will be able to count on this benefit, but after this, any device with the Android operating system will be able to download it and use it in their favorite games.

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