Myths and Realities of 5G

Myths and Realities of 5G

Discover the Myths and Realities of 5G

5G technology comes to uncover business opportunities that were not previously visible. By 2025, it is expected to achieve full coverage of 5G, a technology that is seen as an economic catalyst capable of creating new jobs.

5G technology marks the beginning of a new era of mobility, and is so new there are stigmas about the features and promises with which it arrives. The myths and realities of 5G are the key aspects that could change our way of connecting to the internet, for this very reason the importance of clarifying and putting a face to the monsters around this technology.

By the end of 2025, 5G will account for more than a fifth of all mobile connections, and two out of five people around the world will live within reach of this network, according to the GSMA’s The Mobile Economy Report 2022.

A few years ago, 4G networks overcame the connectivity and speed problems of previous generations (2G, 3G), facilitating communication capabilities between people. Along this path, 5G technology uncovers business opportunities that were not previously visible. According to Cisco Systems ( CISCO ), this new method is run through software, taking connectivity to the next level by offering cloud-linked experiences.

According to Julio Orlandi, general director of Logicalis Mexico and Puerto Rico, “5G has several obstacles that users and companies must face, the global shortage of chips or the high cost of IoT devices is one of them. of them. But it will also revolutionize technologies by making them more efficient and faster, promoting user connectivity. By 2025, it is expected to achieve full 5G coverage, which makes this technology be seen as an economic driver, capable of creating new jobs.”


Myths About 5G


5G is harmful to health: according to the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection ( ICNIRP ), an independent organization recognized by the World Health Organization: “the maximum level of radiofrequency to which someone could be exposed by 5G (or any other signals in general community areas) is so small that no temperature increase has been observed to date.”

Mobile compatibility: there are currently more than 40 phones compatible with 5G technology in the Mexican market, although the costs are higher than the average cost of regular mobile devices.

4G is dead: the technological transition from older networks will not be as fast. It is estimated that this transformation is evolutionary, which means that networks such as 4G will continue to be in force, in order to accept the variety of interconnectivity signaling protocols.


5G Realities:

5G will improve communication: the dozens of antennas that installed equipment will have will multiply, that is, the service will be made possible for a very high number of devices. This will be of great help in crowded places to get a better signal.

Greater performance and network speed: this feature provides a great contribution in different sectors, such as health, where 5G implements real-time monitoring of patients through connected devices. On the other hand, in the automotive industry, 5G offers information on traffic and accidents.

The changes will be for companies: for ordinary consumers, it is a change, but it means a greater variation for companies since it is the opportunity to advance digitally in different sectors such as health, telecommunications, agri-food, manufacturing, tourism and automobile.

“The expectation with the arrival of 5G is to expand the possibilities with the entry of new companies in the offer of connectivity services. The technology should also bring numerous benefits to the corporate segment, enabling new applications. The market is on a growth path and we increasingly want to position ourselves at the forefront of connectivity innovations and offer a diversified portfolio”, concluded Orlandi.



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