What is the Real Story Behind the Stranger Things Series

What is the Real Story Behind the Stranger Things Series

Since its first broadcast in 2016, the series Stranger Things has captivated millions of worldwide viewers. Skillfully plunging into the universe of the 1980s, the series takes us on a thrilling adventure mixing mystery, science fiction, and nostalgia. But behind this captivating plot hides an equally fascinating story: that of the creation of Stranger Things itself. 

This article explores the origins of this iconic series and the influences that gave rise to this cultural phenomenon. Get ready to delve into the “Upside Down” to uncover the true story of Stranger Things.

The MK-Ultra Project: When Reality Inspires Fiction

Stranger Things, the hit series, immerses viewers in a world of supernatural mysteries. But did you know that one of the major influences of the series is the MKUltra project? This secret US government project in the 1950s-1960s played a crucial role in developing the plot of Stranger Things.

Project MKUltra was an actual CIA operation to conduct experiments in mind control and psychological manipulation techniques. The scientists involved in the project conducted extensive research on drugs, hypnosis, and other methods to manipulate human behavior.

In the Stranger Things series, the government’s secret laboratory, Hawkins National Laboratory, is directly inspired by Project MKUltra. The experiments conducted on Eleven, the character with psychic powers, recall the goals of Project MKUltra, where subjects were subjected to similar tests to develop special abilities. The story of Eleven is directly inspired by a case that caused a stir in the United States in the 70s and 80s.

The series’ plot is based on this relationship between the government, the secret experiments, and the harmful consequences on the individuals involved. Stranger Things thus explores the dark secrets of the MKUltra project and the repercussions of such experiences on the characters and their environment.

Thanks to this profound influence of the MKUltra project, Stranger Things transcends mere entertainment and offers a reflection on the limits of science and ethics and the potential consequences of exploring the unknown.

The Montauk Project, A Source of Inspiration for Stranger Things

Among other sources of inspiration, the Montauk project also inspired the series’ creators. Indeed, originally, the Stranger Things series was called “Montauk.”

The Montauk Project is a conspiracy theory that emerged in the 1980s. It claims that a series of secret government experiments took place at the Camp Hero military base near Montauk on Long Island, North America. New York State. According to this theory, the US government conducted the Montauk Project as part of research into mind control, time manipulation, and interdimensional travel.

The history of the Montauk Project was popularized by the book ” The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time,” by Preston B. Nichols and Peter Moon in 1992. The book claims to reveal the strange and paranormal experiences on the base military Montauk, including time travel, teleportation, psychic manipulation, and contact with aliens.

Stranger Things drew heavily on the theories of the Montauk Project. Although the series does not explicitly reference Montauk, it still bears many similarities to the concepts of the project’s story. Initially, the filming of the series was to take place at Camp Hero. 

But the Duffer brothers decided to return to Atlanta and baptize the series “Stranger Things.” Besides, if you haven’t seen all the series episodes, you should consider it. You will be captivated by the first episode; this series is a gem of modern cinema.

Stranger Things Series Overview

Stranger Things is an American television series created by the Duffer brothers. It takes place in the 1980s. It is the story of a group of children who set out to find their missing friend. They discover a parallel world called the “Upside Down” filled with supernatural creatures.

This fictional masterpiece, created by the Duffer Brothers, draws on various influences from the 80s. It draws inspiration from the era’s sci-fi, horror films, and video games. The creators have deliberately chosen to build a retro and nostalgic atmosphere. They paid homage to films such as ET, The Goonies, Poltergeist, and other genre classics.

The series focuses on the adventures of several groups of characters. There were, in particular, several children: Mike, Vecna, Nancy, Billy, Billy, Steve, Eddie, Bobby, Millie, Dustin, Lucas, Will, Eleven (or Eleven), and their families and friends. 

They find themselves immersed in strange and supernatural events during the disappearance of Will and the appearance of Eleven, a young girl endowed with psychic powers.

Over the seasons, the characters face supernatural creatures, most notably the Demogorgon in the first season and the Mind Flayer (the Scourge) in later seasons. They also discover the connections between the real world and Upside Down, as well as the existence of a secret government lab experimenting on children. 

The series explores friendship, courage, family, and adolescence themes. The popularity of Stranger Things is largely due to its ability to capture the spirit of the 80s and create a fantasy universe that appealed to a large audience.

The Evolution of the Idea: the birth of Stranger Things

The Story of Stranger Things Has Its Roots in the Duffer Brothers ‘ Deep Love of 1980s movies. They wanted to recreate the enchanting atmosphere of that time in their creation. The series was born from the fusion of these influences, combining the adventure, friendship, and courage that marked the films of the time.

The idea for Stranger Things was then developed in stages. The Duffers have refined their concept over time. They created a complex fictional world in Hawkins, populated by memorable characters, and forged strong bonds between them. They have created an original story through their attention to detail and passion for imagination. A story that cleverly mixes elements of science fiction and the supernatural.

Finally, their association with Netflix made Stranger Things a reality and won viewers’ hearts worldwide. The series has managed to capture the spirit of the 1980s while offering a captivating story full of twists and turns. The evolution of the idea behind Stranger Things is a testament to the importance of imagination and passion in creating a cultural phenomenon that transcends time.

The Story of Stranger Things: Behind the Scenes

Behind the hit TV series is a bitter truth, or worse, a horrific story. Human experiments on non-consenting guinea pigs, mind control experiments aimed at gaining more power. The first director of the CIA, Allen Dulles, pulled the strings in the shadows. He was the head of the MKUltra project. The United States aimed to match Russia regarding brainwashing and psychic domination. 

And that is precisely the purpose of this confidential US government project. During the Korean War, many American soldiers have been victims of the mind control techniques of the Russian army. These techniques allowed the Russians to extract important information from captured American soldiers. For the United States, it was, therefore, essential to rise to their level.

According to available information, the top-secret MKUltra program has started to practice brainwashing. It would later evolve into mind control, psychological warfare, sixth sense, and remote viewing.

At the program’s start, experiments were carried out on hundreds of prisoners, drug addicts, and volunteers. They received LSD for 77 days in exchange for a daily dose of heroin. But a mad scientist, Dr. Gottlieb, finally decides to administer his drug to innocent people. These individuals were unable to defend themselves or rebel against the government. 

These are the mentally ill, prisoners, drug addicts, and prostitutes who have been the subject of these experiments. A CIA official reported that one such patient had been drugged for 174 days. The Experiments conducted by the agency numbered 149, including 25 on people unaware of what was being done to them.

Experiments on human guinea pigs were meant to be kept low-key. But sooner or later, the truth always comes out. More and more investigators and journalists looked into the case. A study was conducted, and the truth began to be revealed to the public.

In 1972, the new director of the CIA, Richard Helms, ordered the deletion of all files on illegal CIA experiments. After a year, the MKUltra file is closed. But in 1974, the New York Times brought the affair to light. Various investigations on the subject were subsequently carried out. Three years later, the Senate committee revealed that illegal activities had occurred. Several people in the US government are held guilty.

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