What to Wear With a Fedora Hat and How to Pick One

What to Wear With a Fedora Hat and How to Pick One

The fedora hat is a well-known headdress known as “gangster.” He is popular with the more vigorous sex of every age and social status. The Fedora hat blends harmoniously with classic elegant suits and modern urban casual wear. How to choose such a hat? What to wear it with? You can find out all about this below.

Quirks About the Hats

The hat fedora is also called snap-brim; this model has many names; it is often called hats of “mafia” or “gangster.” It is she who appears before our eyes when we hear the expression “man’s hat.” Such a hat can be seen on the heroes of famous films. It is no accident that this model received such definitions; the fact is that it was thanks to the mafia that this model gained fame.

Representatives of criminal structures everywhere used it to give the appearance of more status and brutality. Initially, Italians wore this model but soon spread worldwide. Even six decades ago, such a hat was present in every man’s wardrobe; it was worn almost always and everywhere; high society people and bohemians preferred this accessory. This is not surprising because such a diadem looks impressive.

Today, the accessory can be found in the stars of film and show business; the model has become an indispensable attribute of the style of urban fashionistas, and fashion designers present it in their collections. The main advantage of the hat is that over time it does not lose its popularity but creates a discreet and elegant bow.

The man immediately acquires the status of a respectable and confident person. The materials’ naturalness and exceptional quality will be a pleasant bonus. The fedora hat does not wrinkle and does not wear out during use. It will retain its spectacular appearance for years to come.

Looks with the Fedora Hats

In the classic version, the fedora hat men assume a satin ribbon separating the soft fields of medium width and a relatively low crown with a hollow in the middle. Felt is used to make these hats. But gradually, the design began to change, and the result was a trilby hat. Such a headdress is slightly different from the classic Fedora; the brim is shorter and slightly curved at the back. Men with a bright individual style, bold and charismatic, usually prefer such caps.

In previous years, trilby was called a “jazz hat,”┬ábut gradually, the army of its fans grew, and the accessory became the central element of the style of people of creative professions. Classic Fedora and Trilby are similar but at the same time create completely different male images. A classic hat is optimal for decorating a business bow; combined with the rest of the clothes, the picture becomes casual and very stylish.

This headpiece looks excellent with a suit, jacket, tie, and bow tie. Trilby will be a winning option for men who like extraordinary things and complex combinations in the image. Trilby looks harmonious within the urban casual. It can be combined with ripped jeans, as well as with items from a youth wardrobe.

Materials Used for The Fedora Hats

The first fedoras were made exclusively from felt, and to this day, this material is considered the classic of the style. Such hats look real with other clothes and a wide variety of men’s accessories. However, the combination with sportswear should still be avoided.

Straw is often used to make summer models. It looks harmonious with light clothes in a rustic or nautical style. Woolen hats are optimal for the low season and warm winter. The material is wear-resistant, looks spectacular, and has many more care requirements.

Hats made of tweed look quite unusual. This stylish textured fabric with a diagonal weave emphasizes the masculine style like no other and brings neatness, originality, and creativity to the image. Fedora made of leather is unpretentious to care for, exceptionally comfortable to wear, and optimal for the off-season. This non-standard accessory can be the highlight of autumn and spring bows.

Colors For the Fedora Hats

Fashion designers present the fedora hat in a wide variety of shades so that everyone can choose the optimal model that is most harmoniously combined with the rest of the wardrobe. The most versatile hats are considered beige, black, and gray.

This color scheme is harmoniously combined with clothes of different shades. The black hat is a classic style. However, when choosing such a model, it should be understood that this dark shade, combined with pale sore skin, makes a face tired, so use the Fedora of this color scheme as carefully as possible. An alternative to this can be blue.

Pastel shades are perfect for a light summer look. A rather unusual solution is the combination of several shades in one hat. But in this case, you need to reduce the number of shades in the main outfit.


Choosing a hat often comes down to an inspiring moment in which you can shape your own identity and share it with the world around you. Many celebrities are not afraid to use the hat as an expression.

It is an excellent way to distinguish them and adopt their style. If you want to be seen and like to share your fashion sense and the class of your outfit, don’t hesitate and dare to show color and shape when it comes to your head. And put on something beautiful.

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