Why and How to Achieve Facade Insulation

Why and How to Achieve Facade Insulation

Why and How to Achieve Facade Insulation

Insulating the facades of a house also allows you to benefit from other very interesting advantages. However, it is useful to know how this is done. So what are the advantages of facade insulation? How does it work? We invite you to discover everything in this article.


Why carry out facade insulation?

The facade insulation of a house provides many advantages. This can help you make your home more comfortable and save on your consumption.


Benefits of Facade Insulation


Facade insulation reduces heating bills

One of the advantages of facade insulation is that it allows you to reduce your heating bills. Indeed, this method prevents calories from crossing your facade and eliminates thermal bridges.


Reduce your heating bill

Plus, it drastically reduces the airflow in your home. By doing so, you avoid energy losses and reduce your heating bills. A valid rule regardless of your heating system: electric, gas, heat pump, wood stove … As the heat can no longer escape from your house, you heat it less and you save money.


Prevents the reduction of your living space

Insulating the walls of your house also makes it possible not to reduce the living space. Unlike other types of thermal insulation, this one allows you to consider other work in your living space. Thus, after having put in place the insulation, you can carry out a complete facelift. It will beautify your home and undoubtedly increase its value.


Insulate facades to improve your comfort

It is known to all that facade insulation greatly improves the comfort of a home. Without this solution, you will constantly feel fresh. This can become very annoying, especially if you lean against the cold walls of your home. Facade insulation, therefore, appears to be a life-saving solution.


Home comfort

By covering your walls with an insulating coat , you bring their temperature closer to that of the air. So they are no longer cold and your home will be pleasantly warm. In addition, this heat can be distributed evenly in all rooms of the house.


How to achieve facade insulation?

Like the roof, insulating the walls of your home requires a certain skill. This is why it is best to entrust this task to an expert in the field. Before starting the work, he must make an estimate so that you know how much it will cost you. Also, you need to think about what type of insulation you want to use for your facade. There are many materials you can choose from for this project.

The most recommended is polystyrene. It is efficient and economical. You can also bet on other insulation that can adapt to your wall. To achieve facade insulation, the insulation used is presented in different forms. You have it in the form:

  • Coating;
  • Rolls;
  • Panels, etc.

Once the choice of insulation is made, the experts will prepare the wall. That said, the gutters and other equipment attached to it will be removed. The team then sets up the scaffolding that will allow them to work efficiently. Then, we proceed to the treatment of the wall and the application of an antifungal. This step is important before installing the thermal insulation.

In order for the insulating plates to fit well on the wall, professionals install starter rails. To put them in place, they take into account the nature of the ground. The starting rails are fixed horizontally so that they can properly support the insulating boards. Once this step is finished, we now proceed to the installation of the insulating plates.

This is a task that is also carried out in different stages. Once the installation is complete, care must be taken to consolidate the insulation and apply a layer of undercoat to make it waterproof. It is after all this that the finishes will be made. You have just completed the thermal insulation of your home.

To conclude, remember that facade insulation is an effective solution to reduce consumption related to heating in a house. This also makes it possible to live comfortably in the house. But to insulate the facades of your house, you need to call in the professionals.



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