Why Choose Blogger For Your Website Pros and Cons

Why Choose Blogger For Your Website Pros and Cons

Why Choose Blogger For Your Website Pros and Cons

Blogger is undoubtedly a great tool to get started in the world of websites and internet blogging, but why choose Blogger for your website? Have you ever asked yourself this question? In this article, I will show you some of the pros and cons that, in my opinion, this platform has. Here below we have enlisted various reasons why to choose blogger over WordPress and what are the Blogspot Pros and Cons.


Blogging Website Pros:


It’s free

Let’s start with perhaps its most favorable and the most obvious point, which is that Blogger is free, and more importantly, it does not have methods that do not mention you to take advantage of it as other free websites do, which what they do is show ads on your website, ads that you don’t put up and you don’t get paid for them.

In Blogger you don’t have to worry about that and you can easily monetize with Google Adsense. This is a great point in favor if you do not want or cannot invest in a website by paying for hosting or domain. And speaking of the domain, it will have the suffix “blogspot.com” as long as you don’t decide to pay for a domain.


Free HTTPS certificate

The HTTPS certificate is the green padlock that appears next to the URL of your website, this indicates that the navigation on the website is safe. Most of the hostings (paid) have this option, but in Blogger we do not need to pay for hosting.

Activation has been available for all Blogger websites for a few years and is very easy to activate, you just have to go to your blog settings and check the “Redirect to HTTPS” box.

Remember to do this from the first moment you create your website so that it appears as safe from the beginning, in addition to making the change later it can mean a decrease in the number of visitors to the site.


Blogging Website Cons:

Indexing time

Indexing is called when the posts that you publish on your website appear in search engines, including Google. When a user searches for something in Google and your web page appears, this means that it is indexed.

You have to bear in mind that from the first minute, you create a website, it is not automatically indexed. Because it is new, there is nothing that tells search engines what authority your website has on the internet.

Something bad about Blogger is that the time it takes for your website to be indexed is usually longer than if you were on WordPress.org, for example. So if you choose Blogger you should keep in mind that it will take a couple of months before your site begins to have authority, and that authority is only obtained over time and constantly updating your website, either by uploading new articles or updating the ones you already have.


You cannot edit SEO options

SEO tools help to better display the results of our website in search engines, either by adding a summary (also called a snippet) or not an automatically generated text in the results.

The URLs configuration cannot be edited either. In Blogger, the year and month in which the entry was published appear by default. Something that affects little or nothing SEO, although it is recommended that this is not shown in the URLs.

Anyway, these are what in my opinion are the most important advantages and disadvantages of bloggers. To finish, I just want to tell you that if you are just starting out on this website and especially if you cannot afford to pay for domains or hostings, I recommend you start with Blogger since it is an excellent tool for creating blogs and by the way you get used to it little by little.


View Counter

The view counter that Blogger has incorporated is not at all accurate since it also counts the visits of the bots. The accountant may tell you that you have 1,000 visits in a day when in reality you have 500 or fewer.

I did not want to label this as a disadvantage as it has a very simple fix, just set up Google Analytics with our Blogger website. The Blogger counter will remain the same, but with Google Analytics you can have an accurate count of the number of people who visit your website.


Simple interface

The simple interface is both an advantage and a disadvantage depending on how you see it. For those who do not have any knowledge about websites, this comes in handy since it is very easy to learn, but if you already want to start editing or adding other things through HTML (the code in which the pages are developed) possibly not you can do it here because the code you can edit from Blogger is limited.

So if you are a beginner in the field, a simple interface is good for you, but as you want something a little more professional, you start to realize the things that you cannot do on Blogger.



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