5 E-learning skills to learn from home

E-Learning Skills to Learn From Home

5 E-learning Skills to Learn from Home for Free

In the age of the internet, e-learning, social media, and new technologies, learning and mastering a new skill are not only possible but also incredibly accessible. You can access the world’s best teachers and experts from thousands of miles away, with a simple internet connection and with just a few clicks. Here are 5 E-learning skills to learn online from home.


E-learning: the phenomenon of online learning

In recent years, e-learning courses have enjoyed unprecedented popularity, greatly aided by the rapid development of technologies and delivery mechanisms for these courses. In professional and social settings, there is a rapid shift from print to electronic media, while educational courses are quickly ceasing to be classroom-based and relying increasingly on the internet.

The global workforce is increasingly mobile and interconnected, and all of these developments have made e-learning a very popular reality. This trend quickly led to an increase in the number of self-employed workers and the number of employees working from mobile devices. This allowed for much more efficient management and communication.

This transition to distance training methods has accelerated even more in recent months under the constraint of the COVID-19 pandemic with containment and teleworking. So let’s take a look at some examples of skills that lend themselves particularly well to online learning!


1. Learn a New Language

Learning a new language is always an asset for studies, and careers, but also for personal life. Not only will you be able to work in foreign markets, but learning a new language also helps the brain by improving memory and attention span.

If you’ve always dreamed of learning a new language like Spanish or Japanese, or just English, why not start now? There are many online platforms for this. One of the most effective is the Babbel app which teaches real-life conversational skills.

This method is also very useful for students who often have little time to learn anything other than their course at the university, as the lessons offered last around 15 min, which allows great flexibility. Moreover, Babbel has launched a sponsorship offer for students which allows them to win prizes in order to support them and encourage them to have a passion for new languages.


2. Learn to Play an Instrument

It is not always easy to find face-to-face lessons, or simply not the budget. But be aware that most people who learn to play an instrument are self-taught and do so online. Ultimately, all you need is the musical instrument of your choice, whether it’s a guitar or a piano, and dedicate yourself to it to really progress.

If you want to try playing a specialized instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele, flute, drums, etc.) you can simply search for videos on YouTube that are very often complete. If you do not know music theory, a very useful part of music for any beginner, do not hesitate to find videos on the subject.


3. Learn to Knit

This is a great skill to learn to occupy your hands and fingers without technological tools while leaving your smartphone on the table. It can be an opportunity to learn how to be creative and make tailor-made clothes, even if it’s just fluffy socks or an endless scarf. With a complete knitting kit that’s easy to order or find in-store, you can try an online class like the ones from We Are Knitters that even offers patterns.


4. Learn to Cook

To impress your friends, or your significant other, or just to learn how to eat better, learning to cook and bake is a must. It is a skill that has a multitude of benefits and allows you to channel your creativity. It is a healthier and less expensive alternative to most restaurant meals or those prepared in supermarkets.

If you’ve decided to improve your culinary skills, why not learn how to make authentic recipes from the country of your choice, for example? You can find cooking lessons and tutorials there again on YouTube (an inexhaustible source of inspiration) but also consult the blogs of cooks which are often very good advice to start cooking, even if you are starting from scratch.


5. Learn to Speak in Public

The ability to communicate effectively is important in all aspects of life, but especially in your career. Without the ability to clearly articulate your ideas to clients or colleagues and employers, your voice might never be heard.

There are plenty of resources online including books, videos, lessons, and even movies that will teach you how to become a better speaker or communicator. However, if you are one of the 75% of people who are afraid of public speaking, an online course may not give you enough practice to overcome your fear. One of the best ways to get regular practice is through the Toastmasters organization, which is dedicated to leadership and public speaking.

To practice alone, you can practice in front of a mirror, in front of your roommates, or in front of a camera, but to effectively overcome this fear, only opportunities to speak regularly in front of an audience will allow you to do so.



Be open to experimentation. You don’t need to limit yourself because almost every skill that exists is available on the internet. Try different things, set some deadlines, and see what happens. You can learn any E-learning skills and earn from home.



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