Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat?

Why Does My Dog Act Like a Cat? Have you ever seen your dog behaving like a cat? Does your dog walk through your lap? Does your dog jump on your furniture? If the answer is yes! It is most likely that your dog acts like a cat. You might think that cats are only for scratching. They jump on the furniture. They chase mice or lasers. They dismiss you. If you think so, then you might be wrong. Cats have many other features that make people love them. Cats are smart, loyal, more focused, self-assured, and self-confident. They show affection to the owner. Some dogs have the same characteristics as cats. Few dogs have the same food as cats, including Shetland, Whippet, Poodle, Italian Greyhound, Manchester terrier, Shiba Inu, Basenji, Mi-Ki, and Vizsla. Dogs can behave like cats as well as humans. You can read more about dogs’ characteristics and their behaviors on Petsem.


What does Research say?

According to the latest Research, the dogs who live with other dogs and humans behave more like them. They learn from other pets and the people around them. Your dog might notice your cat sitting on the furniture and think it is entertaining. He will sit in the same manner to experience a new place. As the dog sees some behavior, he will notice, think, and try to explore something new.

Research says that there are several reasons the dog acts like a cat. One of the reasons is the food you are giving to your dog. If your dog is taking a cat’s breed, he might have the same characteristics. Another reason is you have a cat at your home who continuously plays with your dog.

Your dog will notice and do the same as dogs are great observant and curious. Sometimes it is very interesting to see cat and dog playing together in peace, but it is not the case for all dogs. Some dogs are independent by nature, like Greyhound, Maltese, Basset Hounds, and Poodles. These dogs usually behave like a cat.

You can never imagine what your dog is thinking and what is going on in their mind. Few dogs show eagerness when any human touches and they do not like affection from people around them. This does not mean that your dog does not like or love you.

If you have adopted a litter-trained dog, you might expect that your dog will behave like a cat. Litter training is difficult, but few breeds pick and get it quickly. Litter training is convenient and safe. Bad weather is one of the reasons behind litter training, as the owners prefer to keep their dogs in litter boxes in cold weather.



If your dog acts like a cat, you might enjoy several cat characteristics with only one pet at your home. Your dog will show affection and loyalty. Your dog can demand affection and love from your side too.

In this situation, the dog will lean their body on you and jump on the furniture. The personality of your dog will be self-confident and self-assured. If your dog runs through the house, jumps on the furniture, sits in different new places, and is too smart, you might have a large cat at your home.



If you do not like something your dog is doing and you want to change your dog’s behavior, you must train your dog first to stop this all. Dog training is different from that cat training. It would help if you learned training techniques specifically for dogs to discourage their cat-like behavior. Training is the best way to stop unwanted acts of your dog.

If your dog is calm enough and does not harm anyone, it is unnecessary to stop him or her from doing cat-like activities. If he is doing damage, scratches you or someone else, shows aggressive behavior, and becomes dominant, you must think about some necessary actions and solutions after careful consideration.


Concluding Remarks

You will love your dog even if he acts like a cat as a dog lover. Dogs can act like cats because of several reasons. Dogs are intelligent, so they try whatever they see. It is perfectly normal if your dog acts as if a cat, but you must be sure that he is not dominant and that you are the only one in charge.

In most situations, dogs learn behaviors from cats in their surroundings. If you do not like your dog behaving like cats, stay supportive and train them, as you want to see your dog. For this, you must not worry at all.

The only issue that must make you worried is the medical reason like anxiety, less grooming, health issues, and loss of appetite. Let your dog do what they want and enjoy your cat like a companion.


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