Why Does San Francisco Sink Deeper into the Earth Every Year

Why Does San Francisco Sink Deeper into the Earth Every Year

Why Does San Francisco Sink Deeper into the Earth Every Year

According to geophysicist Tom Parsons, the US city of San Francisco sinks deeper into the earth every year. In a century today, could The City by the Bay have disappeared under the sand? It’s hard to say, but anything can happen. Indeed, at the end of a thorough analysis, the scientists concluded that the city of San Francisco is sinking every year under the Earth. A conclusion that should alarm the inhabitants of SF.


San Francisco: A Slow But Certain Collapse

At the moment, it is not yet possible to see the collapse of the city on the bay with the naked eye. To carry out the research, all the buildings in the city’s bay were studied using satellite images. At the end of the analysis, the conclusion of the geophysicist Tom Parsons is definite: the American city bends its spine under the sand.

However, this slow collapse is more noticeable at the level of the city center. This would be particularly due to the many buildings that make up this part, their gigantic weight, and their incredible density. This is very alarming, but it is not the first time that such a remark has been made in the city. We remember that in 2009, the Millennium Tower skyscraper, weighing more than 311 million kilograms, began to tilt. It has since been dubbed “The Leaning Tower of San Francisco”. About 11 years later, in 2018, a new crack was discovered in the building.

The most unfortunate part of this whole event? The Millennium Tower is only the third heaviest building in this sinking American city. This suggests that one day or another the city could disappear like Atlantis but under the sands this time.


San Francisco is Sinking: What are the causes?

The causes are now more than clear. First, the gigantic weight of all the skyscrapers concentrated in the city center. These combined weights could affect a seismic fault, according to geophysicist Tom Parsons.

However, the weight of the buildings is not the only reason the city is sinking. One of these is believed to be caused by new construction causing loss of groundwater.

Also, according to the geophysicist, global warming is no stranger to this danger that affects SF. It is he who would be at the origin of the sea level which often rises and floods The City by the Bay.

Unfortunately, no solution has been discussed yet and Manhattan could also be in danger, due to overcrowding and the many skyscrapers that litter the city.


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