iRobot Roomba J7 Series Best Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas

iRobot Roomba J7 Series Best Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas

iRobot Roomba J7 Series Best Vacuum Cleaner for Christmas 

iRobot recently released an update to the j7 and j7 plus ranges which allows robot vacuums to handle the cleaning demands around the family Christmas tree, identifying and avoiding shoes and socks. iRobot Roomba J7 series vacuum cleaner is able to bypass Christmas trees and is the best gift for this Christmas.

The just-released firmware patch now integrates the iRobot Genius platform and the iRobot Home app. With this, users can define specific “cleaning zones”. This allows their Roomba to absorb fallen pine needles, without spilling the Christmas decorations.


Robots Avoid Shoes and socks

Party shoes and socks are just some of the things this Roomba series automatically detects and avoids. iRobot also added tennis shoes and slipper scraps to the list. These are now among the potential dangers, such as ropes and some garbage. Indeed, robots can automatically detect and dodge them.


A Robot Vacuum Cleaner Next to a Plant

Note that the latest software navigation and control of iRobot came out for the first time in August 2020. Using machine vision, the Roomba can identify the furniture and specify “clean zones”. For example, the user can resort to using a Roomba to clean only under the dining table after family meals.

The robot vacuums can even detect “areas to be excluded”. Among other things, they could avoid the area under a TV cabinet that is filled with cables. iRobot promises to expand the list of recognized dangers. This will be done with future updates and artificial intelligence that allow the dynamic detection of obstacles.


Data Transfer Can Now be Done From one Model to Another

During the holiday season, users who can receive a second robot cleaner will no doubt be happy. This is because they will be able to switch their smart cards from one compatible model to another.

You should know that these cards serve as a guide for Roomba and Braava to circulate on the floors of their owners. Note that this system is compatible with the Roomba j7, Roomba i7, and Roomba s9 ranges, as well as the Braava jet m6 robot.

In addition, this new functionality allows users to avoid re-mapping their homes. The company’s robots use their smart mapping technology to automatically transfer their maps to a new robot. According to the iRobot release notes, the rollout of this new device has already started on October 13.

In short, the update made on these models of robotic vacuum cleaners from iRobot will certainly make people happy. Such innovations will probably encourage more than one to turn to robotics, which is gradually taking its place in our daily lives.


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