Xbox Unveils Aqua Shift Game Controllers Price and Release Date

Xbox Unveils Aqua Shift A New Game Controllers For This Summer

Xbox Unveils Aqua Shift A New Game Controllers For This Summer

It’s summer, and to celebrate Microsoft has a big surprise in store for you. Special mention to game controllers and gaming accessories addicts since today we are going to talk about controllers! Xbox introduced new game controllers called Aqua Shift and sport a pretty bluish hue, perfect for this summer 2021. Here is the design of this new Xbox controller, the latest model (and that everyone will tear up).


Aqua Shift: The new controller for Xbox Series S / X 

Oh, but what a pretty joystick that points the tip of its nose! As we know, Xbox loves to make new toys available to us, after the Elite and Elite 2 models or the superb original Series X controller … What could the video game giant Microsoft still invent to make our heads spin?

The Xbox Design Lab has finally reopened and it shows. A few days ago, we were already entitled to the new controller design, absolutely beautiful, on the Space Jam controller. The creation of special controllers continues at Microsoft with the release of the Aqua Shift, a blue gamepad, AND the first special edition controller for Xbox Series X / S to have two colors on its grips. Just that!

Needless to say, the Aqua Shift will please collectors and fans of stylish Xbox controllers. It will also go perfectly in your gaming decors and in a setup in its effigy, with blue neon lights.

This is the eighth Series X / S controller color, featuring a surreal and futuristic blue. It will be compatible with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, with your PC (Windows 10), and with Xbox One (Fat, X, S, Digital). It will also be available via Android via Bluetooth, in order to continue to enjoy Xbox Cloud Gaming and new Xbox games.

According to Microsoft, “you will feel like the controller comes to life”. This seems to offer a unique gaming experience with, for once, very soft and immersive vibrations. On the front, the characteristic Xbox buttons, it’s navy blue joysticks, and on the back, hyper-sensitive pad handles! A pleasure for the aces of the trigger.


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Microsoft does not stop there since, yes, the controller is just beautiful. But, in addition, it is able to record the devices on which it connects very quickly. Overall, you will be able to switch from Xbox to PC and even from PC to smartphone in the blink of an eye. Cool right?


Xbox Aqua Shift Game Controller Price and Release Date

Xbox Aqua Shift the new game controller for the Xbox S / X is released and is available for purchase at the price of 64.99 Euros about $75 USD. Admittedly, the price is a little high, but given its beauty, it is an understandable sum.


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