EA Unveil Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Teaser

Electronic Arts Unveils Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Teaser

Electronic Arts Unveil Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Teaser

Developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, the Battlefield series continues to give birth to new ports. The latest addition to the line, Battlefield 2042 is fast approaching and establishing itself as THE war game of the end of the year. It is in this context that EA teases a short film Exodus for Battlefield 2042, up to expectations! Discover exclusively the first images of this teaser, you are free to pre-order the game after that.

Battlefield 2042 Exodus Short Film Teaser 

The publisher of SIMS 4 and Battlefront is also known for its collaboration with DICE on Battlefield games. The next title in the series was long overdue but finally got a nice teaser. This time it’s not just a trailer, no! Fans of the franchise are excited to discover the teaser of a real short film :


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Exodus is the name of this Battlefield short film, or “The Exodus” for the less good in English. This novelty comes following the unveiling of the Portal game mode the new mode, a mode that brings together the iconic Battlefield map, weapons, and vehicles.

In this 15-second teaser, we learn about the dark and hazy future of the Battlefield 2042 universe. A post-apocalyptic story where more than a billion refugees have become stateless. What’s on is that this teaser is a bit fuzzy, but we have more information on the film, August 12 at 17 pm.

Battlefield 2042 seems to be the confirmation of several years of work for DICE and EA. These take out the heavy artillery and offer a game with several game modes. We assume many deathmatches, but especially the arrival of a mode to the Warzone of Call of Duty in free-to-play. This mode is called “Risk area” and is not yet detailed by the team.

In any case, the release date of Battlefield 2042 is effective. The game will be released on October 22, 2021. A forecast date, which is not likely to be delayed as for the mobile game Diablo Immortal. Indeed, the closed beta testing phase will take place in September, we are expecting a lot of user feedback during this period.


Price and Release Date

Regarding the prices, this teaser of the Battlefield 2042 short film imposes some and also introduces with it the price of the future game. Battlefield 2042 is currently displayed at around 38 to 43 € in pre-order. Obviously, the game will be downloadable through EA’s interface, Origin.


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