10 Tips To Get Shiny and Glossy Hair

3 Tips To Get Shiny and Glossy Hair

Have you ever thought about why some people have shiny hair? While yours might look dull and lifeless? The answer lies in the study of hair and how it looks.

Like most things, glossy hair has a scientific reason for it. It all comes down to how healthy the hair shaft is. If your hair looks healthy, it can reflect light like a mirror, giving you a beautiful shine. This trend is called “specular reflection.”

Rough and broken hair, on the other hand, causes something called “diffuse reflection,” which spreads out light and makes the hair look dull. To get the shiny, glossy hair we all want, we need to boost specular reflection over diffuse reflection.

What Makes Hair Look Dull?

Let’s talk about what makes hair dull before we get into how to get glossy, shiny hair. Lackluster hair can be caused by many things, such as too much style, damage from the environment, and not taking proper care of it. Now, let’s look at the best ways to get the shiny hair you’ve always wanted.

Tips to Make Your Hair Shiny and Glossy

Today we will explain how shiny hair looks and give you professional advice on how to get that glossy shine you’ve always wanted.

1. Use a Good Shampoo

Even though styling products can help you get the right look, they can build up over time and turn your beautiful hair into a dull mess.

A detoxifying shampoo should be used at least once a week to give your hair new life and shine. This is going to help your hair grow back and shine like new.

2. Use Hair Mask to Add Moisture

The surface of dry hair is often rough, which can make it look dull. To get beautiful hair, you need to keep it hydrated.

If your hair looks dry, try a hair mask with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil to keep it healthy. This will make your hair shine and look healthy instead of dull and dry.

3. Shampoo with Blue Dye

Don’t worry if you colored your hair lately and now it looks brassy or dull. If your hair is dull and brassy, washing and treating it with a blue shampoo and conditioner can do wonders to bring out a cooler, brighter color with lots of shine.

4. Use Gloss for Shine

Taking care of your hair color is important if you want it to stay bright and shiny. You could use a gloss treatment once a week to recover your hair’s color and tone, giving you new shiny locks that look just as good as the day they were dyed. A color-refreshing brown hair gloss is made just for you and will bring back your hair’s color and shine in no time.

5. Use a Hair Glaze

A clear hair glaze can do amazing things to make your hair shine. This process gives your hair color more depth, refreshes the shade, and gives it a brilliant shine, giving you a shiny, fancy look.

6. Lower the Temperature

Heat is bad for shine because it can dry out and ruin hair. If you use hot tools to style your hair, blow dry it, or even just wash it with hot water, the cuticle can get lifted.

To keep the shine in your hair, rinse it with cool water after washing to close the cuticle. Use a good heat-protecting leave-in conditioner to protect your hair from heat damage if you have to style it with heat tools.

7. Take care of your Hairline

A healthy scalp is the first step to good hair. As a way to relax, massage your head to improve blood flow and get your body to make more natural oils. This keeps the head from getting clogged and also helps hair grow in a healthy way.

If your hair is dull, dry, or damaged, you might want to try shampoos and conditioners that contain hyaluronic serum.

8. Use Hair Oil to Add Shine

A hair oil that smooths and adds shine can do wonders for hair that is very dry or damaged. Look for products that contain natural oils like Argan. Just a few drops of this oil can make your hair feel soft, smooth, and shiny without making it feel heavy.

9. Gently Brush Your Hair

When you brush wet hair, it can get damaged and break, which is bad for shine. Use a wide-tooth comb to get rid of knots in your hair after washing to keep its shine. If your hair is dry, you could use a natural boar bristle brush to spread the oils from your head from the roots to the ends. This will smooth the cuticle and make your hair look very shiny.

10. Healthy Diet

The way your hair looks shows how healthy you are generally. A healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals is the first step to getting beautiful hair. Eat more vitamin-dense foods, like spinach and blueberries, and think about taking a multivitamin to make up for any gaps in your diet. Staying refreshed by drinking lots of water can also help your hair look thick and shiny.


Finally, getting hair that is smooth and shiny is not just a dream. Hair that is dull and lifeless can be turned into a brilliant, head-turning mane with the right care, products, and methods. If you follow these tips, your hair will soon be shiny like you’ve always wanted it to be.

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