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3 Tips To Get Shiny and Glossy Hair

Simple Ways To Get Shiny and Glossy Hair 

For a person, his cover letter in the foreground is his face, and his hair is accompanied by it, which sometimes suffers to make it look spectacular, that’s why these 3 simple tips to have shiny hair.


3 Tips to Get Shiny Hair


  • Brush your hair every night
  • Choose your products well
  • Take care of the water temperature


1. Brush your hair every night

It is recommended “between 10 and 20 passes, depending on the thickness of the hair. Brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes product residues, stimulates blood circulation, favors its growth, and enhances its shine, explains Eduard Moldova, technical manager of the brand of professional hairdressing products TERMIX. “Thanks to brushing, hair in the telogen phase (in the process of falling) is eliminated, giving way to hair in the anagen phase (the moment of hair birth), explains the expert.


2. Choose your products well

A good shampoo, a conditioner, and your respective mask, are products that cannot be absent, there are different brands, use the one you prefer and the one that you feel is good for your hair, and forget about that myth: change shampoo “so that the hair does not get used to it ”; If it works for you, don’t change it.


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3. Take care of the water temperature

When washing your hair this point is important, most recommend the last spray to be cold, and although this gesture is more than recommended and true (cold water stimulates blood circulation and closes the cuticle, which translates into hair more bright) the temperature of the water with which you do all the washing is also important. And although it is not necessary for all the washing to be done cold, it is warm since cold does not dissolve grease, and hot water damages the hair.


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