5 Facial Exercises You Must Try to Rejuvenate Your Face

5 Facial Exercises to Rejuvenate Your Face

Facial exercises allow you to relax while rejuvenating yourself. They eliminate dull features, reduce wrinkles and improve blood circulation. Facial exercises improve blood circulation and bring vitality and radiance to your face. So get started today by following the 5 Facial Exercises to Rejuvenate your Face. Don’t wait any longer!


5 Facial Exercises You Must Try to Rejuvenate Your Face


  1. The frontalis muscle

This exercise relaxes the tightness of the forehead and blurs the wrinkles near the eyebrows. Position the index and middle fingers at the level of the two eyebrow arches, just above the eyebrows. Your other hand is behind the forehead and touches the hairline. Raise your eyebrows while pressing the arches down.


  1. Exercise glasses

This gymnastics of the eyelids enlarges the eyes and illuminates the look. Put the thumbs below the eyes and the index fingers above, where glasses would pass, and enlarge the eyes up and down by separating the thumb from the index finger, while trying to close the eyes.


  1. The smile muscle

Smile by bringing the outer edges of your mouth as far as possible towards your ears. Release and repeat 10 times in a row. It is a very good exercise to redefine your smile.


  1. Lower face

Stick out your tongue as far as possible and turn your head to the left and to the right at the same time. Do this exercise in front of the mirror, it will make you smile!


  1. The neck

With your mouth closed, tense and relax all the neck muscles. Squeeze them all together, then release all of a sudden. You will feel great relaxation.


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