3 Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Without Surgery

Best Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Without Surgery

The years go by and the face changes, facial rejuvenation without surgery is the best option when you see those traits of time that remain on the face, those marks that make you uncomfortable despite the fact that they keep a quite interesting story, wanting to rejuvenate your body is acceptable, however many fear surgery, the fact of entering an operating room causes fear and is that the risks are always present.

It is because of this that science has advanced by giant steps creating various treatments that can help you rejuvenate your face without the need to resort to surgical or invasive interventions, under anesthesia, with prolonged periods of rest, and with excruciating pain. Among them we can talk about:


Facial Rejuvenation Without Surgery


1. Facelift Without Surgery

The miracle that has been so desired, stretching your face without having to undergo surgery is possible thanks to the facelift, this procedure is achieved through the “Ulthera” that is today the pilot technology in facelift, using an innovative ultrasound technique that allows the specific treatment of the deepest layers of the face and neck, allowing intervention at the level of the muscular plane.

It works when ultrasound energy is released non-invasively and heats deep tissue without affecting the surface of the skin, causing a natural regenerative response, does not require post-treatment rest, can be performed in an office setting, and is usually painless.


2. Facial Mesoplasty

It is considered a medical procedure for facial rejuvenation without surgery in a comprehensive way, where four different treatments are combined through microinjections such as botulinum toxin, polylactic acid, fillers, and Rich. In this way, it seeks to treat different levels, by infiltrating substances that exert their effect on muscles, subcutaneous tissue, dermis, and epidermis.

The purpose of mentoplasty is to achieve a facelift, by restructuring volumes, tightening the skin, providing elasticity, shine, and counteracting the main signs of aging. It does not require rest, you can return to your daily routine immediately after the intervention.


3. Tensioning Wires

Results instantly, these threads are inserted under the dermis with the help of a very fine needle, they do not need to make incisions so no scars are caused, however it is not recommended when wrinkles and flaccidity are very noticeable.

With this method, skin rejuvenation is stimulated and the skin is tightened, which causes small wrinkles to disappear and the face is firmed. This type of intervention is perfectly performed on an outpatient basis in an office, with a small dose of local anesthesia, quickly with immediate recovery.


Rejuvenation Starts Now

Not everything is caused by the passage of time, other factors such as stress, lack of rest, smoking, the type of diet, long exposures to the sun favor facial aging. So your care begins now, eat healthily, live your life to the fullest with the best of energies, always vibrating positively, smile, use sunscreen, and later choose the best treatment to rejuvenate your skin.


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