Best Al Haramain Men Perfumes in 2020

7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes for Men

When you talk about perfumes for men as luxuries, you leave out a lot of scents from different brands that have been making men bet on total luxury for a long time. Al Haramain has been making perfumes since 1970, and the Arab world is where they got their start. Their scents are full of the smell of love and money. If you want to see what the 7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes for Men smell like, don’t miss them.

7 Best Al Haramain Perfumes For Men

1. Al Haramain L’Aventure Eau De Parfum

L'Aventure by Al Haramain

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When they first came out on the market in 2016 at L’Aventure, I thought of a man who loves travelling. The perfume is from the Frutal for Men Cyprus family.

This perfume has a lot of strength to it. Its smell is strong, with notes of bergamot, patchouli, amber, musk, lily of the valley, elemi, and lemon. It has everything you need for a bright and lively scent. Also, this perfume’s strong smell and long-lasting life will make you depend on it for a long time and to be with you in the winter.

2. Al Haramain Amber Oud Eau De Parfum

Amber Oud by Al Haramain

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While there are many men’s fragrances that smell like amber, Al Haramain’s Amber Oud is one of the best. It is a unique oriental woody fragrance for men. With a strong scent that lasts a long time and a big trail that makes itself known, this is the perfect winter perfume.

Amber, musk, resins, spices, guaiac wood, cedar, and lemon are just a few of the notes that give it a very measured size and full luxury. They are all great for creating that strong man scent, along with spiced fruit.

3. Al Haramain Mystique Homme Eau De Parfum

Mystique Homme by Al Haramain

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A lot of men like the wonder and playfulness of getting to know a woman before going all in on her. That’s why Al Haramain’s Mystique Homme lets you do all of that and more. This perfume also has a heavy smell that lasts a long time and is perfect for everything fall.

This scent for men is in the Oriental Fougere family and has notes of orange, lavender, mint, guaiac wood, musk, tobacco, jasmine, and orange blossom.Because of this, it smells very fresh and strong, with flowery notes.

4. Al Haramain Leather Oudh Eau De Parfum

Al Haramain Leather Oudh

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Leather Oudh is a cologne that was made for calm days and times when you need to think a lot. The scent of this perfume lasts a long time and leaves a big trail. It’s perfect for spring because it contrasts with the new flowers.

There are notes of incense, amber, musk, cedar, jasmine, cashmere wood, and leather in its scent.If you do that, you’ll smell something very dry and like forest flowers.

5. Al Haramain Vintage Noir Eau De Parfum

Vintage Noir by Al Haramain

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If you miss the good old days and classical styles, you will love Vintage Noire by Al Haramain. It’s a scent that is both old and new. Your fall will be remembered for a long time because it was long and there was a heavy wake.

For such a strongly masculine scent, you have to also consider how mischievous it is. Its notes of violet, black currants, vanilla, suede, sandalwood, vetiver, elemi resin, and pink pepper bring out a bit of everything, like freshness, sweetness, strength, and a masculine drive.

6. Al Haramain L’Aventure Knight Eau De Parfum

L'Aventure Knight by Al Haramain

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the L’Aventure Knight will give you a new adventure in your life, but this time you will be the king. This perfume will make you feel like you are ready for everything.

This scent is in the Oriental Fougere family for men. It has notes of bergamot, sandalwood, musk, ambergris, violet leaves, lemon verbena, and ambergris. This gives it a very modern smell that is connected to many flowers but mostly masculine. Its scent was specifically made for winter, it lasts a long time, and it leaves a heavy trail.

7. Al Haramain Etoiles Silver Eau De Parfum

Etoiles Silver by Al Haramain

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Next is Etoiles Silver by Al Haramain, a fragrance for men that is very independent, far away, and cold. It is in the Oriental family of scents. With its wonderful scent, you can show off your summer self and feel free to have lots of fun and adventures.

Virginia juniper, musk, sandalwood, woody notes, and oud wood are some of the scents that make up this perfume.All of these ingredients work together to make a perfume for guys that doesn’t smell like anything in particular and has a strong scent that fades quickly along with a soft trail.

Final Words

Have you already noticed that Al Haramain likes to live in style? Now you know which perfumes to pick if you want to feel like a man who all women want because of his good looks and deep, rich style.

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