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8 Best Bentley Perfumes For Men

Best Bentley Perfume For Him

Since 2013 all the luxury of these classic and modern cars has been fully available to men and, therefore, who better than you to use them and be the envy of the moment. All men know that luxury comes from the hand of the objects that one has, such as cars and suits, and from all the fashion that he brings with himself, among them, of course, perfumes. This is the particular case of the 8 Best Bentley Perfumes For Men, some fragrances that we have presented in this article.

8 Best Bentley Perfumes For Men [year]

1. Bentley Momentum Intense Eau De Parfum

Like a luxurious car that wants to experience the most intense and adrenaline-filled moments, this is how Bentley’s Momentum Intense is presented, one of its perfumes that belongs to the Oriental Woody olfactory family for Men.

Bentley Momentum Intense

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This perfume has a series of geranium notes, bergamot, musk, sandalwood, lavender, elemi, and tonka bean in a fragrance that certainly seems very strong and with that woody smell that all strongmen like.

It comes excellent for a time like summer for its incredible strength of presence, and its longevity will last a long time as it is very durable, and its wake marks presence when being heavy.

2. Bentley Azure Eau De Toilette

A man who wants to be modern has to start using aquatic perfumes to achieve an unequaled freshness in his movements; that is why Bentley’s For Men Azure is that fragrance to enhance it.

Azure by Bentley

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This perfume is then composed of a series of notes, among which we can mention violet, clary, tonka bean, tangerine orange, pineapple, and bergamot. In this way, its fragrance is very tropical and with a delicious fruit scent attached to summer.

Its longevity is durable to stay with you longer, and its wake is heavy always to mark territory.

3. Bentley Infinite Intense Eau De Parfum

What is a man without conviction and willpower? A life that does not deserve to be mentioned, that Bentley’s Infinite Intense is a perfume launched in 2015, catapults all those who have a very winning way of being.

Bentley Infinite Intense

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Its notes are quite seductive, making it ideal even for formal dates because it has notes of ambergris, Haitian vetiver, cedar, patchouli, elemi resin, and black pepper. All combined to offer you a strong fragrance and with that forest man scent.

The Infinite Intense comes equipped with long-lasting longevity to keep you going all day and a moderate trail to respect winter days.

4. Bentley Momentum Eau De Toilette

A man needs only one moment to be easily noticed, which is why the Bentley Momentum, launched in 2018, is the ideal perfume for such purposes.

Bentley Momentum

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This perfume is the most indicated to be able to make any meeting an extraordinary one, to this end then. The Momentum has notes of sandalwood, tonka bean, musk, cashmere wood, violet leaves, marine notes, and bergamot for a refreshing aroma and relaxed. Its longevity is long-lasting, while its trail is huge, and it is ideal for autumn days.

5. Bentley Intense Eau De Parfum

Being a man is often to be a person who has to act fast when the moment warrants it and more if it is with intensity. That is why For Men Intense demands your attention, specially made for big egos and to be the center of attention.

Intense by Bentley

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Launched in 2013 and belonging to the Oriental Spicy olfactory family for Men, its aroma of notes of cinnamon, benzoin, incense, cedar, patchouli, bergamot, cinnamon, black pepper, and bay leaves are too intense and with an aroma of ashes, something profound inside of you.

This perfume also counts very well for spring and is a perfect seducer, with moderate longevity and a similar trail.

6. Bentley For Men Eau De Toilette

One of its most classic fragrances is how we define For Men by Bentley, a perfume made for all men who want the maximum possible luxury.

  Bentley For Men

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This Bentley For Men features hints of black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, benzoin, leather, cinnamon, rum, clary, and woody elements. So its aroma is spicy and full of luxury. With such a scent, it’s easy to go for this perfume for a time like winter, and it boasts long-lasting longevity that doesn’t go away easily and a heavy trail to prove the man you are.

7. Bentley Infinite Eau De Toilette

Shining all the time is not easy at all. It is an arduous task that the Bentley Infinite creators have set themselves, and they had easily achieved it because when it was launched in 2015, they earned it easily.

Bentley Infinite

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Its aroma composed of notes of ambergris, bourbon pepper, Haitian vetiver, and violet is the ideal combination so that nothing matters more to you than your way of thinking and with that eternal forest aroma.

It is perfect for the summer and has very extended longevity along with a weighty scent, and both are unrivaled.

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8. Bentley Beyond The Collection Majestic Cashmere

We close with the probably most iconic perfume on this list, and with which luxury reaches its maximum expression, we talk about Bentley’s Beyond The Collection Majestic Cashmere.

Beyond The Collection Majestic Cashmere

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Its fragrance, full of notes of patchouli, tonka bean, white musk, labdanum, cashmere, orris root, ambrette plus touches of wood, is a waste of elegance with that aroma of absolute finesse. It contains long-lasting longevity and a heavy scent for the best moments on winter days.

Final Words

Nothing like having the Best Bentley Perfumes for Men because with them is how you become the most elegant, intense, and seductive man that girls can meet. That is why we select these Top 8 Bentley Fragrances, do not leave it lightly; remember that the moment and the elegance are today.

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