10 Best Lychee Perfumes for Women in 2022

Best Lychee Perfumes For Women in 2022

The lychee is one of the fruits that are used to compose more feminine scents, so you have to take very seriously the same for your perfume. Any fragrance that combines with the essence of a woman in body and soul, is destined for total success when it comes to perfumes for this particular and striking type of public that for many centuries has achieved an enormous amount of success.

This fruit has been extracted for more than 2500 years and has an exceptional combination of flowers, which makes it a fruity and floral aroma of incredible taste for the youthful and mature sector of women. Do not miss these 10 Best Perfumes With Lychee For Women and be part of its aroma as fruity as aromatic.


10 Best Lychee Women Perfumes & Colognes to wear in 2022


1. La Nuit Tresor by Lancome

To speak of a perfume made by Lancome is always to do so bearing in mind that it is quite intense as its designers can and that La Nuit Trésor is an example of this, which is why Amandine Clerc-Marie and Christophe Raynaud included it in the olfactory family. Oriental Vanilla for Women in 2015.

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We can characterize its aroma as a very intense fruit, always fruity and above all too sweet, so it managed to penetrate easily within the female audience without any problem. It has a series of notes among which we can mention pear, lychee, tangerine orange, bergamot, vanilla orchid, strawberry, black rose, passion fruit, vanilla, patchouli, coffee, coumarin, and Egyptian papyrus.

It boasts its scent of being perfect for spring, and its longevity and trail are moderate and heavy, respectively.


2. FlowerParty by Yves Rocher

As a second scent with lychee, we bring you one of the most elementary and basic to understand what this fruit is about, Yves Rocher’s Flower Party, a perfume that was included in the Floral Fruity Gourmand olfactory family for Women and launched in 2010.

FlowerParty by Yves Rocher

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Philippe Romano is the perfumer of this special aroma that will not allow you to feel anything other than his style. The aroma of this perfume is extremely sweet and feminine, this a series of notes among which the tangerine, orange, lychee, tincture of rose and vanilla. In this way, it is also something citrusy and with character.

If you want to wear this perfume at a specific time, we recommend the summer, and it has long-lasting longevity and a moderate trail.


3. Aqua Allegoria Bouquet Number 2 by Guerlain

Guerlain’s success as a company has a lot to do with its lychee perfumes and the Aqua Allegoria Bouquet Number 2 is one of its best representatives. This belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women, so subtlety is on your side.

Aqua Allegoria Bouquet Number 2 by Guerlain

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It has inside its bottle a large series of fantastic details such as small aromas of each note that are very well received, especially for being somewhat humid. In this way, its notes of rose, lychee, and iris are a trio that will make you enjoy a strong aroma of fruit, flower, but above all of nature.

When it was launched in 2011, this perfume was perfect for portraying a good part of fall and has long-lasting longevity, as well as a heavy trail.


4. Britney Spears Fantasy

Now, we must mention a perfume that has really managed to revolutionize what feminine fragrances mean, we are talking about the Fantasy by Britney Spears that was included within the Floral Fruity Gourmand olfactory family for women and was launched in 2005.

Britney Spears Fantasy

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It is a perfume that smells a lot of sweet chocolate, as well as a great strawberry cake with a lot of aromas everywhere. Its notes are of kiwi, lychee, white chocolate, orris root, musk, wood, cupcake, as well as quince. Hence, a caramel aroma is felt a lot . This perfume is designed for the winter and has moderate longevity with a similar wake.


5. Lychee Rose by Mistral

A very serious aroma, such as that of Mistral’s Lychee Rose, which belongs to the Floral Fruity olfactory family for Women and has a series of important notes among which we highlight, for example, rose, lychee, wood, and spices.

Lychee Rose by Mistral

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This perfume is very elemental in every way, which makes its aroma neutral at first to give way to a combination between intense wood and the sweetness of the rose. Therefore, you have a perfume that is partly for sweet girls like those who do not let themselves be loved so easily.

We also have a perfume that is perfect for spring and also with its strong longevity and a very heavy scent, you can easily make yourself noticed.


6. Miracle by Lancome

Lancome is always characterized by including extensive aromas in its perfume list and the Miracle is a perfect proof of this, it is a scent that belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2000.

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It must be recognized that its aroma is highly influenced in what has to do with the floral and also with a special way of feeling, where citrus fruits join the powerful lychee. For this reason, it uses notes of lychee, mandarin, freesia, magnolia, pepper, ginger, jasmine, musk, and amber.

You forget freshness also be a fatal error because it is pretty and is suitable for any day of summer, plus it has one moderate longevity and smooth wake.


7. Miss Amour de Yanbal

The exotic is strongly represented in a perfume-like Miss Amour by Yanbal, a fragrance that, in addition to being quite feminine, therefore belongs to the Floral for Women olfactory family and will give you everything you expect as a woman of feminine and natural perfume.

Miss Amour de Yanbal

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With notes of lychee, rose and vanilla, this Amour perfume is characterized by being very detailed in love and comprises a sweet aroma almost bordering on the excessive with which you can also delight yourself with its light and appreciable measures of sugar that are suitable for you in a time like spring. You will also have to stand out with moderate longevity, but with an always heavy trail.


8. Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

From a brand like Tommy Hilfiger, you can always expect very sensual and exciting fragrances to be delivered in every way and the Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger is a perfume that boasts a lot of this. Remember that it belongs to the Chypre Floral for Women olfactory family and was launched in 2010.

Loud for Her by Tommy Hilfiger

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Aurelien Guichard and Yann Vasnier took advantage of their intelligence and experience to create a perfume with a rather forest scent and its notes make it clear as they are patchouli, rose, and lychee.

Therefore, you will also have to enjoy certain moments where this perfume smells of sweet and fresh fruits everywhere. The Loud for Her is quite good for winter and has very strong longevity and a moderate trail.


9. Chloe Nomade Eau de Toilette 

We are now going to highlight the Nomade Eau de Toilette by Chloé, a perfume that was launched from birth towards the Cyprus Floral olfactory family for Women and was released in 2018. This perfume is strongly inspired by Egypt and that is why its smell goes towards wood and Sea.

Chloe Nomade Eau de Toilette 

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It features notes such as peach, Mirabelle plum, bergamot, lemon, orange, rose, jasmine, oakmoss, patchouli, white musk, lychee, and sandalwood. Here we also recommend that you try this perfume to enjoy fruity elements without being especially sweet, something atypical, but delicious. It has a combination of notes ideal for fall and boasts moderate longevity along with a soft trail.


10. Attrape-Reves by Louis Vuitton

The most exclusive and luxurious lychee perfume, the Atrrape-Réves by Louis Vuitton which belongs to the Oriental Floral olfactory family for Women and was launched on the market in 2018. This scent is felt with too much presence of flowers and this is a bonus for girls. Being so feminine, you will love stealing glances and dreams.

Attrape-Reves by Louis Vuitton

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It has several notes such as lychee, ginger, bergamot, patchouli, peony, cocoa, and Turkish rose. Hence, it also feels like a strong but fresh scent, plus this is perfect for winter and has moderate longevity and a similar trail.


Final Considerations

These 10 Best Lychee perfumes for Women in 2022 are ideal to take advantage of all feminine beauty and show you know how to appreciate everything that has to do with a well-drawn silhouette and made for admiration, do not miss its sweetness and presence.