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Apple to use Qualcomm modems until 2023

Apple to use Qualcomm modems until 2023

Last year, both companies signed a settlement agreement that obliges Apple to use Qualcomm modems until 2023. Apple settled the conflict with Qualcomm, which eventually allowed it to install a 5G modem in the new line of smartphones iPhone 12. But this is just the beginning of the partnership.

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The iPhone 12 smartphone has already been disassembled. The “disassembly” showed that the X55 modem is installed in the series, which is usually used in combination with the Snapdragon 865 chipset in Android 2020 phones.

New Apple Devices with Qualcomm Modems Release Dates

The schedule of releases of new Apple devices with Qualcomm modems is as follows:

  • 2020 (from 01.06.2020 to 31.05.2021) – Qualcomm X55
  • 2021 (from 01.06.2021 to 31.05.2022) – Qualcomm X60
  • 2022 (from 01.06.2022 to 31.05.2023) – Qualcomm X65
  • 2023 (from 01.06.2021 to 31.05.2022) – Qualcomm X70

It will be recalled that in 2019 Apple acquired Intel’s business for the production of modems for smartphones. Then there were rumors on the Internet that the company will create its own 5G solutions for the generation of smartphones in 2022. However, this does not seem to be the case.

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